3 Things Girls can't Control

I have tried to figure out things or feelings most girls find difficult to control. A moment they can't exercise influence over. I will briefly explain three things ladies can't get control over. It mostly as a result of their internal state of being and involuntary psychological response to an object or a situation.
Girls are known to be soft in heart and caring in nature. But here are 3 things they can't control as human

1. Tears:

There is this popular saying that Guys don't cry only girls. Its not that guys are mean that's why they don't cry. But its as a result of being capable of controlling their tears unlike ladies. When a Lady gets heartbroken, at that moment she is vulnerable to tears. They utter inarticulate sound with tears rolling from their eyes. Many but few ladies would you find that will be able to control tears especially in moments like that

2. Jealousy:

When a girl begins to suspect rival in love, she is capable of losing control over Jealousy. She gets envious and suspicious with zealous guarding of her Love. She doesn't feel comfortable anymore watching her love with suspected rivals. She is prone to bewield the stance of competitors.

3. Curiosity

When ladies are highly inquisitive about something, they tend to lose control. A state where a lady is over interested in knowing about something either related to relationship affairs or what have you! She tends to loose ability of self-control. If a lady really wants to find out why, she can go to any length to make sure she gets that which she is curious about. Curious ladies are also vulnerable in controlling emotions.

What other things do you think girls can't control, other than the aforementioned

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