How to build a Stronger and Happy Relationship

You don't want to lose him? You don't want to lose her? Here are some tips to make your relationship work.


This certainly is the most important of all. What makes a relationship work is not love, it is friendship. Friendship should be your solid base. "The simple truth is that happy relationships are based on deep friendship. By this I mean a mutual respect for each other's company." Don't ask me where I got that from (haha). So, have this deep friendship and every other thing shall be added unto you (I'm allowed to borrow that line, right?).


This is very important in a relationship but unfortunately most relationships lack it. Lack of trust lead to insecurity and paranoia and these tend to tear a relationship apart. You and your partner should trust each other come what may. Sure, shit happen and people mess up sometimes, but trust is still essential, BUILD IT!


 Nobody wants a cheating partner. You got to be committed to your partner and that will help build the trust between you. You shouldn't seek attention outside (hey ladies) neither should you flirt around (hello gents). Let your partner know it's him/her and no one else.


 You are your partner's partner for a reason (no pun intended). Show him/her you are with him in whatever he does. Whatsoever he loves doing, you encourage him and you are always in the cheering club whistling his/her name. You both having each other's back in the most important stuffs is very important (no pun intended too).

Also, you should support your partner in every aspect of his life, Educationally, Socially, Morally, to mention a few. In all aspects of his life, you can help him improve, that's why you are his partner.


 In everything the communication skill is always important. The best way you can help your partner is communicate your thoughts to him, let him know your feelings, that will help him understand you. Good communication reduces misunderstanding and that's a good way of letting your partner know you are on the same page.

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Another  important thing for a couple is this mutual respect of a thing. A couple should learn to respect each other's differences, preferences, opinions etc. It all make your relationship fun anyway.


Last but not the least, forgiveness. People make mistakes, things happen to get people pissed off. But you need to learn how to let little grudges go to save your relationship.

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So with all said being done, I'm sure your relationship will be a success. Thank me later (wink).

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