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In a society where immoralities have become the order of the day and everything we see around us appeals to our sexual perceptions,we must confess that keeping oneself pure is increasingly difficult compared to the time of our mothers when clothes were meant to cover nakedness and sex was that fruit to be eaten only in marriage.

But times have changed and now flies faster than a winged chariot. Visual images around us starting from erotic scenes on our televisions,sexual captions on magazines,pornography sites and even ladies walking the street tend to trigger our sexual hormones. Funnily enough,cold weathers aren't meant for sleeping, meditating,taking hot baths and hot teas any longer,it is now popularly known as 'weather for two'.So youths of nowadays be it male or female now see cold seasons as a time to cuddle and seek warmth from their opposite sexes.Every splattering of the rain on their roofs remind them of the moans of their partners and how blankets can't even give them the comfort they need.

One can hardly watch a nollywood movie,read a novel or even surf the internet for thirty minutes without stumbling on sex appealing objects.The coverage which porn sites are gaining among our youths is crescendoing at an alarming rate.

How then do we deal with these sexual urges? How do we cope with keeping ourselves in this environment that screams immorality? How do we speak to these hormones triggering us? How do we tell them to keep calm?

We need to learn how to work on ourselves, purify ourselves daily from things we say,things we listen to,things we watch, things we hear.We can truthfully admit that even the songs going viral in our society plays an high role on moral decadence.The concept of every released song all points to romance,lust,sexual pleasures. So the more we sanctify our ears,the lesser we experience sexual urges.

Sexual urges are normal and are bound to occur during these youthful stage but discipline on our parts make it lesser.
We need to filter the songs we listen to.What music do you hear that triggers your sexual hormones? What videos do you watch that makes you all wet and horny? What novels/magazines do you read that makes you start masturbating when you have no partner around? Maybe we need to cleanse ourselves from all these so as to have minimal sexual urges.

Sex chatting is gaining its roots deeper in our social media environment. We now have girls who get all wet and guys who go hard through sexual chats to each other.These are common ways that propel sexual urges in us.

We need to change our mindsets on some things.Man is said to be a product of what he hears.What kind of friends do we keep? What company of people do we stay among? Do we roll with friends that after we get back to our private place and start to ruminate on the day events spring up sexual thoughts in us? We have to guide our hearts, control what we think about.

So I think in summary we have talked on ways to make sexual urges minimal even though they cannot be completely avoided.
By watching what we say,what we listen to,what we read, what we think about and company of friends we move with.Our sense of dressing is also very important.

Are you that girl that flaunts all your curves and inner beauties which automatically turn guys on by just sighting you and start to give you lewd comments that get you thinking all day? Are you the guy with lack of self discipline that goes hard when he sees anything in skirts?

Conclusively, we can cope with sexual urges by keeping ourselves and mind busy with productive things.Since masturbation is not advisable on religious and morality basis,we need to devise other means to control this urge.

You can as well start reading a novel,playing games,watching productive movies,going on walks around the house.Just anything that can keep your mind busy so as to take away the sexual urges from you. Books on self discipline and how to control oneself are also advisable to be read.

To close the curtains, I will like to remind us that sexual urges cannot be totally avoided but our level of discipline can curtail it.

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