Abba Moro submitted forged certificate to INEC, sack him and declare me winner – Onjeh tells court

Comrade Daniel Onjeh, the APC 2023 Senatorial Candidate for Benue South, has taken his case to the Abuja Division of the Court of Appeal, challenging the ruling of the Election Petitions Tribunal that upheld Sen. Abba Moro of the PDP as the victor in the 2023 Senatorial Election held on February 25, 2023.

Onjeh is fervently requesting the Court of Appeal to recognize him as the rightful winner of the election, citing alleged forgery by the first respondent, Sen. Abba Moro, who is accused of presenting a falsified birth certificate to INEC.

Onjeh insists that this renders Sen. Moro ineligible to contest the election. He further urges the court to nullify Sen. Moro’s votes, considering them as wasted, and declare him, the first runner-up, as the authentic victor.

Additionally, Onjeh contests the election results based on alleged noncompliance with the Electoral Act 2022 (As Amended) and irregularities. He implores the court to annul the illegitimate votes attributed to Abba Moro due to these infractions and to accurately recompute the election results, proclaiming him the true winner due to his higher count of valid votes.

The matter was initially filed at the Court of Appeal, Makurdi, but was later transferred to the Court of Appeal, Abuja. A three-judge panel, comprising Justices A.O. Otisi, A. Obaseki, and A.M. Lamido, heard the appeal, with the proceedings concluding and the judgment now reserved for a later date.

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