FACT CHECK: Did Bill Gates Plan to Decimate the Population of Africans through Vaccination?

Claims: A video circulating on social media alleges that Bill Gates planned to use “systemic molecules” to decimate the population of Africa. The claimant, Dr. Robert O. Young, stated in the video that Gates intended to eliminate three billion people in Africa for the purpose of sterilization and population control.

Verification: The claim originates from a video deposition by Dr. Robert O. Young at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) in 2019. However, a thorough investigation reveals that Young, an unlicensed medical practitioner known for dubious claims, misrepresents Gates.

The quote attributed to Gates appears to be taken out of context from a 2010 TED Talk where Gates discussed carbon emissions reduction, vaccines, and healthcare. Major media outlets, including Reuters and France 24 Observers, have discredited Young’s claims. Notably, Young faces legal charges for practicing medicine without a license and elder abuse.

Conclusion: StechiteGist Media fact-check findings indicate that Dr. Young’s claim about Bill Gates planning to depopulate Africa is unsubstantiated and based on misrepresentation.

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