Is Afriktech Legit or Scam? Our Honest Reviews

In a dynamic world where digital platforms offer innovative avenues to earn income, Afriktech emerges as a promising affiliate website in Nigeria. This platform, which recently launched, comes with the bold promise of empowering users to secure an extra stream of income.

Are these claims too good to be true, or does Afriktech truly open doors to financial prosperity? Let’s dive into this burgeoning platform and examine its offerings.

Introducing Afriktech: Your Path to Additional Income

Afriktech, a fresh affiliate website on the Nigerian scene, asserts that users can pocket up to 50,000 naira per week through its platform. This proposition sparks curiosity and prompts us to delve deeper into its offerings.

Joining the Afriktech Community

Positioning itself as a non-governmental organization committed to eradicating poverty across Africa, Afriktech extends a helping hand through free skills training and financial assistance. By joining Afriktech, users gain access to a range of benefits:

  • Registration Fee: A fee of 3500 naira is required for registration, granting access to the platform’s wealth-building opportunities.
  • Referral Bonus: Afriktech incentivizes users to spread the word. For each referral, a bonus of 2500 naira awaits.
  • Indirect and Direct Bonuses: Users can enjoy direct and indirect bonuses of 100 naira and 150 naira, respectively.
  • Daily Site Visit and Post Earnings: Afriktech rewards users with 300 naira for daily site visits and an additional 400 naira for posting content.
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Navigating the Path to Earnings on Afriktech

Unveiling the curtain on Afriktech’s income streams, the platform offers multiple avenues for users to boost their finances:

  1. Account Creation and Coupon Purchase: Begin by registering on Afriktech’s website. However, a key step precedes this – purchasing a registration coupon from one of the platform’s authorized vendors. These coupons, priced at 3,500 naira, are essential for account registration.
  2. Unlocking Earnings Through Activities: Engage in daily tasks and sponsored share posts to unlock daily earnings of 300 naira and an additional 400 naira.
  3. Harnessing the Power of Referrals: Leverage your network by referring friends and family to Afriktech. This can yield substantial bonuses of 2,500 naira per successful referral.
  4. Expanding Earnings with Extra Affiliate Bonus: Go the extra mile by earning an unlimited 150 naira each time someone you directly referred registers another person.
  5. Welcome Bonus: Afriktech extends a warm welcome through a 2,000 naira bonus on your dashboard upon successful registration.
  6. Exploring the Treasure Box: This intriguing feature promises cash deposits into your account.
  7. Bonus on Affiliate Withdrawal: Upon withdrawal through the affiliate program, users may receive additional cash bonuses.
  8. Engaging in Contests: Afriktech adds excitement with contests offering alluring prizes including cash, laptops, iPhones, Samsung devices, and more.
  9. Spin and Win: Take a spin on Afriktech’s platform and earn daily rewards ranging from 500 to 1,000 naira.
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Navigating Withdrawal and Ensuring Legitimacy

Withdrawing earnings from Afriktech follows a structured process:

  1. Logging In: Visit Afriktech’s website and log in using your registered credentials.
  2. Withdrawal Section: Head to your account dashboard and locate the “Withdrawal” or “Cash Out” section.
  3. Minimum Withdrawal Amount: Ensure you’ve met the minimum withdrawal threshold of 3,000 naira.
  4. Choosing Withdrawal Method: Afriktech facilitates withdrawals to Nigerian bank accounts. Provide your bank details and enter the withdrawal amount, adhering to the minimum requirement.
  5. Processing and Receipt: Afriktech reviews and processes withdrawal requests. Successful requests yield immediate funds transfer to your bank account.

Legitimacy of Afriktech: A Glimpse into Authenticity

Addressing concerns about legitimacy, Afriktech categorically positions itself as a legitimate platform with real payment proofs. Users can feel assured that their participation is backed by a credible platform.

Conclusion: Avenues to Financial Empowerment

Afriktech’s entrance into the affiliate landscape of Nigeria offers users diverse avenues to boost their finances. While the platform’s claims may sound enticing, prudent exploration and understanding of its workings remain paramount. As digital opportunities continue to redefine income generation, Afriktech’s unique blend of benefits positions it as an intriguing option for individuals seeking an extra stream of income.


  1. Can I really earn 50,000 naira weekly on Afriktech? Afriktech claims to offer the potential to earn up to 50,000 naira weekly through its platform.
  2. What is the registration fee for Afriktech? To join Afriktech, users are required to pay a registration fee of 3500 naira.
  3. How do I make money on Afriktech? Users can earn through activities, referrals, bonuses, site visits, and more.
  4. Is Afriktech legitimate? Yes, Afriktech asserts its legitimacy with real payment proofs and genuine offerings.
  5. What is the minimum withdrawal amount on Afriktech? Afriktech has a minimum withdrawal threshold of 3,000 naira.

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