BREAKING: Akpabio under pressure to resign as Senate President

The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) USA has called on the President of the Senate, Senator Godswill Akpabio, to resign amid allegations of lackluster management of the upper chamber’s affairs.

NADECO, a prominent group based in the United States, asserted that Akpabio, supposedly instated as Senate President by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has significantly undermined the autonomy and integrity of the Nigerian legislature, exerting undue influence over his colleagues.

In a statement released by the Executive Director of NADECO USA, Mr. Lloyd Ukwu, on Tuesday, Akpabio was accused of displaying complete disregard for the Senate’s Standing Rules concerning the order of proceedings, lively debates during plenary sessions, and thorough examination of executive communications and bills.

Ukwu noted the urgency for Senators to initiate impeachment proceedings against Akpabio, alleging that he has turned the upper chamber into a subject of mockery due to his lack of experience and eagerness to please the executive, disregarding the ramifications of his actions on the Senate and democratic governance in Nigeria.

He stated, “Akpabio is fond of withholding communications from the President that should be read during announcement time till the end of plenary, as observed in his recent announcement of the last three ministerial nominees towards the conclusion of plenary.”

Furthermore, Ukwu stressed instances where key senators accused Akpabio of restricting their ability to scrutinize and assess bills, particularly financial ones, and cautioned that history would judge him for hastily approving executive requests and passing significant legislation.

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Ukwu insisted that if Akpabio did not resign or face impeachment, NADECO USA would mobilize its members in the USA and Nigerians in the diaspora for a mass action to ensure his departure from office.

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