Anthony P. Orlich: The Lawyer Involved in the Lizzy Ash Wig Controversy in New York

Who Is Anthony P Orlich? Lizzy Ash Wig Controversy In New York Explained

In May 2023, a video went viral on TikTok, showing a man seemingly assaulting a woman and forcibly removing her wig in public. The man, later identified as Anthony P. Orlich, is an attorney at the law firm Leader, Berkon, Colao & Silverstein LLP, specializing in defense work and product liability.

Orlich’s actions sparked widespread outrage and calls for his termination.

The incident began when Lizzy Ash, a social media user, shared a video of the altercation on her TikTok account. In the video, Orlich can be seen forcibly removing Ash’s wig, causing her pain and distress.

Despite the protests of a friend who tried to convince him to apologize to Ash, Orlich remained silent and smiled throughout the incident.

Social media users quickly identified Orlich as the perpetrator, and his actions were met with severe backlash.

The police were involved, and Ash was advised to visit a doctor for a health check, as her wig had been forcibly removed.

The doctor’s examination revealed that Ash had suffered neck injuries due to the incident

As a result of the public outcry and the evidence presented, Anthony P. Orlich was fired from his position at Leader, Berkon, Colao & Silverstein LLP.

The law firm issued a statement announcing Orlich’s departure, emphasizing their commitment to taking “seriously any inopportune behavior by any employee, whether inside or outside the workplace”.

The Lizzy Ash wig controversy has had a lasting impact on Anthony P. Orlich’s career, serving as a cautionary tale about the consequences of inopportune behavior in both professional and personal settings. The incident has also highlighted the importance of maintaining boundaries and respecting the personal space and property of others in public settings.

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