Banky W keeps mum amid cheating scandal on Adesuwa

The recent adultery allegation against popular musician Banky W has elicited a flurry of comments, with many questioning their faith in love. The story, which has spread rapidly across social media channels, has sparked heated debate among the artist’s fans and followers.

According to celebrity gossip website Gistlover, the trio are currently involved in a love triangle, with the ‘Lagos party’ crooner seeking extra-marital affairs with his former record label signee, Niyola.
Neither of the three have come out to deny or corroborate the claim, but insiders say that all is not well in the Wellington household, which welcomed their first child a year ago after a miscarriage the year before.

Recently, rumours and claims of a cheating scandal involving popular artist Banky W and his wife, Adesuwa, and former label signee Niyola have circulated.

Banky W, on the other hand, has opted to remain mute on the topic, refusing to address the charges publicly.

The rumours surrounding this alleged cheating scandal has piqued the interest and worry of fans and the media alike. Various sources say that Banky W has been unfaithful to his wife, Adesuwa, but no actual evidence or official declarations to confirm or reject these charges have been produced.

Banky W’s decision to remain silent on the matter has only sparked further suspicion and increased interest in the scenario. Fans are concerned about the state of their favourite celebrity couple’s relationship, especially following previous public displays of love and affection.

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The truth behind these charges will remain unknown until Banky W or Adesuwa issue a public comment addressing the cheating controversy. It is critical to protect their privacy and refrain from disseminating unverified information that could jeopardise their personal lives and reputations.

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