Biafra: Sit-at-home finally ends in South-East

In a recent address at the COAS combined second and third quarters conference in Abuja, General Lagbaja shed light on the significant impact of the Nigerian Army’s efforts in the South-East region. His remarks highlighted the economic and social consequences of the sit-at-home order and its eventual resolution. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from his address.

Restoring Normalcy in the South-East

The sit-at-home order had brought the South-East region to a standstill, resulting in severe economic and social repercussions. General Lagbaja credited the Nigerian Army and its collaboration with relevant stakeholders for effectively addressing the situation. Law-abiding citizens have now resumed their daily activities, signaling a positive shift in the region.

Successes in National Security

General Lagbaja’s address wasn’t limited to the South-East alone. He also discussed the Nigerian Army’s achievements in addressing national security challenges. Notably, the successful containment of Boko Haram and terrorist activities in the North East was highlighted. This accomplishment led to the surrender of group members and the recovery of a substantial cache of arms and ammunition.

Special Forces Units

To combat various forms of criminality across Nigeria, the establishment of Special Forces units was underscored. These units play a pivotal role in maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of citizens. General Lagbaja emphasized the importance of adequately equipping and utilizing these forces to enhance security nationwide.

Troop Welfare

General Lagbaja expressed his unwavering commitment to the welfare of troops and their families. This commitment includes providing suitable living quarters for soldiers. Additionally, he introduced the “Affordable Home Ownership Option for All Soldiers Scheme,” a commendable initiative aimed at offering affordable and high-quality post-service housing for soldiers.

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In conclusion, General Lagbaja’s address reflects the Nigerian Army’s dedication to restoring peace and security in the South-East region and across the nation. It signifies a turning point in the efforts to address socio-economic challenges and security threats. With a focus on collaboration, advanced equipment, and troop welfare, the Nigerian Army aims to ensure a brighter and more secure future for all citizens.

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