Black Market Dollar to Naira Today 10th October 2023 – Latest Exchange Rate

In the dynamic landscape of foreign exchange, staying informed about the black market dollar to naira exchange rate is crucial. This article unravels the mysteries surrounding the latest rates, fluctuations, and the potential impacts on the Nigerian economy.

Understanding the Black Market Rate Today


The black market rate, also known as the parallel market or Aboki FX, is the unofficial exchange rate outside the regulatory purview of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).Latest Rates

On October 10th, 2023, individuals engaged in the black market bought one US dollar for N1000 and sold it for N1008. This marked a shift from the previous day when the exchange stood at N1003 for buying and N1003 for selling, StechiteGist Media reports.

Specifics of the Lagos Parallel Market

Rates at a Glance

According to sources at Bureau De Change (BDC), players in the Lagos Parallel Market bought a dollar for N1002 and sold it at N1008 on October 10th, 2023.

Cautionary Note

It’s essential to note that the rates mentioned are subject to variation, and individuals might encounter different rates due to market dynamics.

Factors Influencing Exchange Rates

Inflation Rates

The article highlights the direct impact of inflation on exchange rates, emphasizing the need for economic stabilization to bolster the naira.

Interest Rates

The influence of interest rates on the economy is explored, with rising rates potentially causing a contraction and subsequent depreciation of the naira.

Government Debt

National debt is discussed as a factor affecting investor confidence and fund influx, subsequently influencing the naira’s value.


The role of speculators in currency exchange rates is unveiled, pointing out their potential impact on driving the naira lower.

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Conditions of Trade

The article touches upon trade terms and their influence on the naira-to-dollar exchange rate, considering Nigeria’s current trade deficit.

Additional Information

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A disclaimer emphasizes that the source, GoldenNewsNg, does not set or determine forex rates, encouraging individuals to rely on official channels for regulatory compliance.

Conclusion and Cautionary Note

As readers navigate the complexities of black market rates, the article concludes by stressing caution in forex transactions. It advocates compliance with CBN guidelines and using the official I&E window for transparency and regulatory adherence.


  1. Q: What is the black market rate?
    • A: The black market rate, or parallel market rate, is the unofficial exchange rate outside the regulatory oversight of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  2. Q: How do the Lagos Parallel Market rates compare to the general black market rates?
    • A: According to BDC sources, the Lagos Parallel Market bought a dollar for N1002 and sold it at N1008 on October 10th, 2023.
  3. Q: What impact does inflation have on exchange rates?
    • A: Inflation directly affects exchange rates, and stabilizing the economy is essential to strengthen the naira.
  4. Q: Why is it crucial to comply with CBN guidelines in forex transactions?
    • A: Compliance ensures regulatory adherence and transparency in forex transactions.
  5. Q: How often should individuals check for updates on black market rates?
    • A: Daily monitoring of updates from reliable sources is advisable due to the dynamic nature of forex markets.

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