Black Woman Makes History Reuniting 8,400 Fatherless Kids with Their Biological Dads

Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton, the luminary Founder & CEO of The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc. (TFGF), joyously marks the harmonious reunion of 8,400 fatherless progeny with their 3,281 biological progenitors. She articulates the belief that fatherlessness precipitates an identity conundrum, entwined with a plethora of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual quandaries.

Dr. Torri J. herself navigated the labyrinth of her formative years bereft of her biological patriarch, a chapter of her life that only culminated in reunion at the age of 31. Reflecting on this, she remarks, “Unveiling my biological progenitor’s identity at the age of 31 unraveled my own sense of self and underscored the profound influence a father wields in our existence.


I advocate, if conceivable, every individual should be afforded the same transformative opportunity. My own reunion with paternal roots positioned me for convalescence from the trauma engendered by fatherlessness.”

Her personal odyssey forms the genesis and template for extending the same healing to countless fatherless progeny. The crucible of her fatherless upbringing and the subsequent convalescence from that crucible catalyzed the inception of her foundation, dedicated to reuniting fatherless progeny with their biological forebears.

“Fatherlessness serves as an immersion into trauma and dysfunctional conduct, normalized within specific communities, leaving children yearning for paternal presence yet apprehensive of reconciliation,” articulates Dr. Torri J. Her foundation not only normalizes this reunion but envisions the eradication of fatherlessness through this reunification. It meticulously furnishes its patrons with a methodical action plan, facilitating the triumphant reunion of the inner child yearning for familial reconnection.

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Regarding the Fatherless Generation Foundation (TFGF), its mission extends beyond reuniting estranged family members. It concurrently provides resources and services fortifying, buttressing, and uplifting the commitment to paternal roles and family values. The Commitment to Fatherhood program spearheads this initiative, collaborating with fathers to reignite and reestablish their connection with their progeny, while simultaneously assisting fatherless offspring in discovering their intrinsic identity.

TFGF’s impact reverberates nationwide, hosting Beyond Fatherless Peer Groups in Boys & Girls Clubs and Community Centers across 98 cities within 33 states. Headquartered in Atlanta, TFGF has satellite offices in Washington, DC, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and St. Louis. The scope of its influence has transcended national borders, extending its work to Africa, specifically Zambia, South Africa, and Nigeria.

The luminary behind this transformative venture, Dr. Torri J., wears many hats—a zealous CEO, a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach & Practitioner, a Fatherless & Reunification Expert, a State Certified Family Mediator, and a National Speaker elucidating the positive influence of reuniting fatherless progeny with their biological forebears. A literary force, she is also the author of four books, namely, “Daddy… Where Are You?,” “Why Should I Reunite with My Absent Father?,” “Momma Can You Hear Me?,” and a children’s book titled “Tokyo Finds His Daddy.” Her impact reverberates beyond the written word; for half a decade, she orchestrated live father reunions on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show with her segment “Father’s Day.”

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