CBN Official Naira To Foreign Exchange Rates Today, 22 September 2023

If you’re keeping a close eye on the ever-changing world of foreign exchange rates, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll dive into the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) official Naira to Foreign Exchange rates for September 22, 2023.

These rates play a crucial role in Nigeria’s economic landscape, affecting everything from international trade to travel expenses. So, let’s break down the numbers and explore what they mean for you.

Decoding the Exchange Rates

Before we delve into the specific rates, let’s understand the key components:

  • Buying Rate: This is the rate at which the CBN purchases foreign currencies from authorized dealers.
  • Central Rate: The central rate is the rate set by the CBN as the reference point. It’s often used as a benchmark.
  • Selling Rate: The selling rate is what the CBN charges when selling foreign currency to authorized dealers.

The Exchange Rates for September 22, 2023

Now, let’s take a closer look at the exchange rates for this date:

Date Currency Buying (NGN) Central (NGN) Selling (NGN)
9/22/2023 US DOLLAR 737.22 737.72 738.22
9/22/2023 EURO 786.2451 786.7784 787.3116
9/22/2023 SWISS FRANC 815.7796 816.3329 816.8861
9/22/2023 YEN 4.9957 4.9991 5.0025
9/22/2023 CFA 1.2329 1.2429 1.2529
9/22/2023 WAUA 1012.0313 1012.7177 1013.4041
9/22/2023 RIYAL 196.5501 196.6834 196.8167
9/22/2023 DANISH KRONA 105.4437 105.5152 105.5867
9/22/2023 SDR 972.9092 973.5691 974.2289
9/22/2023 YUAN/RENMINBI 100.8523 100.9207 100.9891

What Do These Rates Mean?

  1. US DOLLAR: The buying rate stands at 737.22 NGN, the central rate at 737.72 NGN, and the selling rate at 738.22 NGN. These rates are crucial for international trade and foreign investments.
  2. EURO: For the Euro, the buying rate is 786.2451 NGN, the central rate is 786.7784 NGN, and the selling rate is 787.3116 NGN. These rates affect transactions involving European countries.
  3. SWISS FRANC: The Swiss Franc has a buying rate of 815.7796 NGN, a central rate of 816.3329 NGN, and a selling rate of 816.8861 NGN. These rates are significant for business dealings with Switzerland.
  4. YEN: With a buying rate of 4.9957 NGN, a central rate of 4.9991 NGN, and a selling rate of 5.0025 NGN, the Yen plays a role in trade with Japan.
  5. CFA: The CFA Franc has a buying rate of 1.2329 NGN, a central rate of 1.2429 NGN, and a selling rate of 1.2529 NGN, impacting transactions within countries using this currency.

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