Meet All Cinnamon Movie Tubi Cast Hailey Kilgore and David Iacono

The primary roles in Cinnamon are played by Hailey Kilgore and David Lacono. The Tubi film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in June 2023.

Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. directed and wrote the film. The tale centers around Jodi Jackson, a petrol station worker with a desire of becoming a singer.

The film’s highlight is Jodi’s difficulties and inspiring story of becoming a well-known artist. His exceptional talent distinguishes him from others.

The spectator can witness the dark side of his existence as the movie progresses. The film has a lot of criminality, deception, and plot twists. It also depicts the robbery at the petrol station, which causes upheaval in their life.

Overall, the film is enjoyable to see with friends or family on the weekends. It may be viewed for free on Tubi.

Meet the Cinnamon Cast on Tubi

The Cinnamon Tubi film cast includes Hailey Kilgore as Jodi Jackson, David Iacono as Eddie, and Damon Wayans as Wally.

The film also stars Pam Grier as Mama, Dan Lauria as Mario, Lauren Buglioli as Heather, and Jeremie Harris as James Walker in minor parts.

Jodi Jackson is played by Hailey Kilgore.

Hailey Kilgore will be 24 years old in 2023. She was born in Humble, Texas, on February 16, 1999.

She portrayed Jodi Jackson, a young woman whose lifelong ambition is to become a famous singer.

She worked in a petrol station near her home since she had no other options, but she was dissatisfied with her life.

Hailey, an American singer and actress, is best known for her Broadway appearance in the Once on This Island musical. In 2016, the actress graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has since appeared in a number of films and television shows.

Eddie is played by David Iacono.

David Iacono’s ancestors are half Puerto Rican and half Italian. In the Tubi original film Cinnamon, he plays the part of Eddie.

Eddie is the town criminal; he does everything unlawful to make a living. Eddie and Jodi are the film’s love interests.

David, a New York-based actor, is best known for his roles in the American web series Grand Army, The Flight Attendant, and Hot Pink.

David Iacono will be 21 years old in 2023. He recently turned 21 years old, and his Zodiac sign is Cancer.

He was born on June 26, 2002, and was raised in Brooklyn, New York City.

He began his career as a model when he was a child, and later discovered and pursued his interest in acting.

Damon Wayans as Wally

The actor Damon Wayans played one of the lead characters named Wally. He is one of the thugs who is involved in illegal business.

He is an American stand-up comedian, actor, producer, and writer. He started his acting career in the 1980s and has been performing since then. Damon was born on September 4, 1960, in Harlem, New York City to his mother Elvira Alethia, and father Howel Stouten Wayans.

The well-known actor has received various awards and nominations for his acting and writing in several movies ad TV shows.

Some of his popular works include My Wife and Kids, Lethal Weapon, The Underground, Damon, and In Living Color.

Cast of Cinnamon The Movies include:

  • Pam Grier as Mama
    Dan Lauria as Mario
    Lauren Buglioli as Heather
    Jeremie Harris as James Walker
    Rafael Castillo as Romeo
    Jay DeVon Johnson as Ernest
    Jason Louder as Rudy
    L.Warren Young as Leeroy
    Jared Wofford as Barney
    Ana Maria Lagasca as Lee
    Cinnamon Tubi Review

The new Tubi original movie Cinnamon has got an 8.4/10 rating on the IMDb page. It is a thriller drama movie.

The movie revolves around Jodi who is an actress and singer trapped in her middle-class way of living life.

The film also showcases the intense love between the character Eddie and Jodi who later established a crooked plan to get out of their monotonous life.

But as they decide to work together as a partner, they fall into the trap of the mafias from whom it’s hard to escape.

To survive, they have to get involved with lots of illegal work as well as crime and struggle to live a life.

Cinnamon Tubi Original film first premiered at the Tribeca Festival in June 2023.

The movie was released on Tubi on June 23, the audience are extremely happy with the acting, storytelling, and direction.

The audience has taken their respective social media accounts to share their views and thoughts about the movie, which is generally positive.

A Twitter User wrote, “Cinnamon was one of the best films I’ve seen in years.” Another added, This movie was so good, with so many unexpected twists and turns.

Similarly, some of the fans said that Tubi is getting good with its original movie and bringing some good movies for the audience.

Most of the fans were surprised that they were able to watch some high-quality actings and stories and rated 10/10 on Twitter.

The movie offers an adequate amount of twists, suspense, the emotional scene as well as a passion for dreams.

The iconic Pam Grier was seen in the role of Mama, the fans loved her role, and they were extremely happy to see her as a part of the Cinnamon movie.

The casts are also talented and have ample amount of experience in the entertainment industry.

Cinnamon Tubi Release Date and Trailer

Cinnamon Tubi was released on the Tubi internet streaming platform on June 23, 2023. The film was shot in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The Tubi’s trailer was officially uploaded on YouTube on April 18, 2023. It has received thousands of views and comments from admirers.

The film can be viewed for free on Tubi. It is a suspense thriller film that lasts 1 hour and 31 minutes.

For the time being, the film is only available to audiences in the United States. Anyone can download the Tubi app or view it on the Tubi website.

Tubi is a Los Angeles-based ad-supported streaming service with a massive content library of over 50,000 films and TV series.

As one of the biggest free, on-demand video service providers, the online streaming service has over 64 million monthly active users.

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