Is Cityzoo Legit or Scam? Our Honest Reviews

In the ever-evolving landscape of investment opportunities, Cityzoo ( has emerged as a promising newcomer, beckoning individuals with the allure of substantial profits through its investment plans.

But is this platform truly a golden opportunity or a deceptive pitfall? In this thorough review, we delve into the depths of, aiming to uncover its legitimacy and guide potential investors towards informed decisions.

Introduction: Exploring the Phenomenon has burst onto the scene in Nigeria, claiming to offer users the chance to reap substantial financial gains simply by participating in their investment plans. The platform positions itself as an establishment that curates a collection of wild animals, set against the backdrop of parks or gardens, for the purpose of study, conservation, or public display.

A noteworthy proposition Cityzoo makes is the potential for investors to realize up to a staggering 1000% returns on their investment within a mere 25 days.

Decoding the Basics: What Cityzoo Claims and Offers

At its core, Cityzoo asserts that investing in their packages equates to leasing animals on behalf of investors. The platform pledges that when these animals are showcased in zoos, parks, and conservations, investors stand to earn daily interest—a unique premise that sets it apart from conventional investment avenues.

Benefits of Joining Cityzoo

Cityzoo beckons potential investors with an array of benefits that seem alluring at first glance:

  • Welcome Bonus: New user registrations are greeted with a welcome bonus of 100 naira, creating an enticing incentive to dive into the platform.
  • Minimum Deposit: Investors can get started with a minimum deposit or recharge amount of 1500 naira, catering to a wide range of individuals.
  • Referral Rewards: Cityzoo encourages its users to invite friends to join, offering a generous 25% of their referred friends’ recharge amounts as a reward.
  • Lucrative Returns: The platform’s investment projects are touted to yield daily returns of up to 40%, potentially culminating in a staggering 1000% returns over a span of 25 days.
  • Multiple Project Opportunities: Investors are given the option to rent multiple zoo projects concurrently, with the promise of earning up to 1000% returns per project.
  • Ease of Withdrawal: Cityzoo offers a swift withdrawal process with a minimum threshold of 1000 naira. The withdrawal process is said to take a mere 3 minutes, fostering a sense of convenience for investors.
  • Referral System: The platform provides two distinct avenues for generating income: investing in packages and referring others to the platform. Both paths are designed to attract users seeking both short-term and long-term gains.
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Navigating the Investment Pathways: Making Money with Cityzoo presents two primary avenues through which users can potentially make money: investing in their packages and utilizing the referral system.

Making Money Through Investing

The investment journey on can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Account Creation: Prospective investors start by creating an account on the platform through a designated registration link.
  2. Package Selection: Once registered, users access their dashboard and choose from a selection of 7 investment packages. Each package boasts distinct amounts and varying daily return percentages.
  3. Payment and Activation: After selecting an investment package, the user is directed to a payment page. Here, an account number is generated, facilitating the transfer of funds. Proof of payment is then uploaded for verification.
  4. Commencement of Returns: Upon approval of the payment, the investment is activated, and investors can begin reaping daily returns ranging from 40% to 60%.

CityZoo Investment Plans

Animal Daily Income Price Total Revenue
REPTILES ₦800 ₦2000 ₦20000
BIRDS ₦2000 ₦5000 ₦50000
FISH ₦6000 ₦15000 ₦150000
MONKEYS ₦10000 ₦25000 ₦250000
BEARS ₦20000 ₦50000 ₦500000
TIGERS ₦40000 ₦100000 ₦1000000
LIONS ₦80000 ₦200000 ₦2000000

Making Money Through Referrals also taps into the power of referral networks. By inviting friends to join the platform and invest in its packages, users can earn a considerable 25% of their friends’ invested amounts.

Accessing Earnings: How to Withdraw with Cityzoo assures a straightforward process for users to withdraw their earnings. The steps include:

  1. Login and Navigate: Users log into their dashboard and access the profile menu located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Withdrawal Selection: Within the profile menu, users select the withdrawal option.
  3. Input Details: Users specify the desired withdrawal amount and enter their bank account details for verification purposes.
  4. Swift Transactions: The platform asserts that withdrawals as low as 1000 naira are possible, and these transactions are completed within an impressive 3-minute time frame.
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Evaluating Legitimacy: Under Scrutiny

Is a legitimate investment platform or a ticking time bomb? It’s imperative to address this pivotal concern: has all the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme. The platform dangles extraordinarily high returns as a bait to lure unsuspecting investors. Operating on a pyramid scheme model, it utilizes funds from new investors to pay off earlier participants. Unfortunately, this model is inherently unsustainable, inevitably leading to the platform’s collapse.

Conclusion: Proceed with Caution

In the realm of investments, skepticism and discernment are paramount.’s promise of incredible returns demands scrutiny. A comprehensive review reveals its resemblance to a Ponzi scheme, marked by its unsustainable business model. As prospective investors, it’s vital to approach such platforms with vigilance and to prioritize well-regulated and established investment avenues.


  1. Is a legitimate investment platform? exhibits characteristics of a Ponzi scheme, suggesting it may not be a legitimate investment opportunity.
  2. What sets apart from other platforms? claims to earn returns by leasing animals for display, a unique premise within the investment landscape.
  3. What’s the minimum deposit for The minimum deposit is 1500 naira, providing accessibility to a wide range of potential investors.
  4. How do referrals work on Users can earn 25% of their referred friends’ recharge amounts when they invest in
  5. Can I trust the rapid withdrawal claims of While promises swift withdrawals within 3 minutes, its overall legitimacy remains questionable, so therefore you cannot trust it.

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