Why Cora Jade and her lover Bron Breakke unfollows one another on Instagram, causing split rumors to circulate

It seems that rumors are circulating about the relationship status of WWE NXT stars Cora Jade and Bron Breakker. The speculation stems from the fact that the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram, leading to widespread rumors about a potential breakup.

The situation has garnered significant attention from wrestling fans and the media, with various sources weighing in on the matter.


According to a post on Wrestling Forum, it appears that Cora Jade and Bron Breakker have broken up, with the suggestion that Cora Jade may have distanced herself from the relationship due to negative comments from fans

Additionally, a post on Web Is Jericho from August 2022 mentioned that Blake Christian, Cora Jade’s ex-boyfriend, had tweeted and then deleted comments about her dating Bron Breakker, indicating that they had broken up several months prior

In response to the rumors, Bron Breakker has broken his silence on the matter, addressing the speculation surrounding his relationship with Cora Jade.

Furthermore, there have been previous reports and social media buzz about the two being in a relationship, adding to the public interest in their personal lives.

The unfollowing on Instagram and the subsequent rumors have generated significant buzz within the wrestling community and among fans. Given the public nature of their profession, it’s not uncommon for the personal lives of wrestlers to become a topic of interest and speculation.
As of now, the status of Cora Jade and Bron Breakker’s relationship remains unconfirmed.


It’s important to approach such rumors with caution, as the personal lives of public figures are often subject to speculation and misinformation. Until an official statement is made by the individuals involved, it’s best to refrain from drawing definitive conclusions about their relationship status based on social media activity alone.

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In the world of professional wrestling, rumors and speculation are par for the course, and it’s not uncommon for fans and the media to closely follow the personal lives of their favorite performers. However, it’s essential to respect the privacy of the individuals involved and await official confirmation before treating such rumors as fact.

The situation with Cora Jade and Bron Breakker serves as a reminder of the challenges that public figures face in maintaining personal privacy, and the importance of responsible reporting and respectful treatment of their personal lives. Until there is an official statement from the parties involved, the status of their relationship should be considered speculative.

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