Ejikeme Mmesoma: Nigerians Call for Scrapping of JAMB

According to reports, the recent scandal involving Ejikeme Mmesoma’s alleged UTME result falsification has sparked a wave of resentment among Nigerians, with many clamouring for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to be abolished. Several people have expressed unhappiness with the current system and proposed alternatives to university admission.

Nigerians have expressed their dissatisfaction with JAMB’s dictatorial tendencies on social media, claiming that it has usurped control of the educational system. Many people believe that JAMB has grown more concerned with making income than with supporting a fair and transparent admissions process. Due to perceived inadequacies in the educational system, Pami, a social media user, proposed that folks seek alternative courses, such as mastering carpentry.

Others, such as Goodlife, urge for the abolition of JAMB entirely, calling it unneeded and redundant. According to this point of view, the agency serves no purpose and should be disbanded entirely.

Efi Great believes that the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) should be used to determine university entrance. This opinion reflects the belief that relying entirely on WAEC results would simplify the admissions process and eliminate the need for extra exams such as JAMB.

The uproar from Nigerians advocating for the abolition of JAMB demonstrates the level of dissatisfaction with the current system of university admissions. These individuals advocate for a transition away from centralised tests and towards individual concessional exams and admission by choice, claiming that the existing model is flawed.

It is crucial to remember that the views presented are the thoughts of individuals on social media and may not reflect the broader consensus among Nigerians. However, growing dissatisfaction with JAMB has reignited debate about the need for educational reform.

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As the issue surrounding Ejikeme Mmesoma’s alleged UTME result tampering continues, proposals for the abolition of JAMB may gather traction. The call for a more open and efficient university admissions process is expected to continue, requiring a rethinking of JAMB’s role and importance in the Nigerian educational scene.

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