Fuel Subsidy Removal: Eniola Badmus defends Tinubu, blasts Nigerians

Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has come to the defense of President Bola Tinubu amid criticism over the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria. The removal of the subsidy resulted in a steep increase in the pump price of fuel, soaring to N617 per litre.

In a recent chat with media personality Daddy Freeze, Badmus expressed her support for President Tinubu and his decision to remove the fuel subsidy. She argued that many of those criticizing the president lack an understanding of the benefits that the removal of subsidy can bring.

The actress went on to claim that Nigeria still has one of the cheapest fuel prices in the world, even after the subsidy removal. She suggested that it was only after the subsidy was removed that people began to appreciate the government’s actions.

Defending her unwavering support for President Tinubu, Eniola Badmus praised him as a remarkable philanthropist, stating that she has never seen anyone quite like him in that regard.

Eniola Badmus’s stance comes amidst a polarized public opinion on the fuel subsidy removal and its implications for the Nigerian populace. While some may share her sentiments, there are also others who continue to express concern about the economic impact of the decision and the challenges it presents to the citizens.

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