Black Market Euro to Naira Exchange Rate Today, 4th November, 2023

In the latest update on the foreign exchange market, the Euro (EUR) to Nigerian Naira (NGN) exchange rates have been revised. The new exchange rates for buying and selling Euros are as follows:

Buy Euro (EUR): 1 EUR = 1200 NGN

Sell Euro (EUR): 1 EUR = 1220 NGN

This adjustment reflects the current market conditions and factors that influence the exchange rates. As always, these rates may be subject to fluctuations, so individuals and businesses involved in international transactions need to stay updated on the latest rates for informed decision-making.

For individuals looking to exchange Euros to Naira or vice versa, please consult with your local banks or authorized foreign exchange bureaus to ensure you are receiving the most accurate and up-to-date rates.

The exchange rate between the Euro and the Naira plays a significant role in international trade and financial transactions, affecting various sectors of the Nigerian economy. As such, changes in these rates can have wide-ranging implications for businesses and individuals involved in cross-border transactions.

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