“You Got Me Pregnant And You’re Sleeping” – Expectant Mum Finds Husband Sleeping at 12am, Disturbs Him in Video (Watch)

A pregnant woman left many in stitches over what she did to her husband whom she found sleeping.

Wording on the clip of the pregnant woman and her man seen on TikTok reads:

“It’s 12am. I can’t sleep and he’s sleeping. You got me pregnant.”

In the clip, she got noisy cleaning equipment and pretended to be cleaning around his head area and this woke him up.


After he woke up, she got him to place his hand on her protruding tummy. The video went viral online and got people talking.

Via their TikTok handle, @bahhassanatu, the couple keeps netizens posted about happening in their lives.

Watch the video below:



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