Clara Natera Uses AI To Make False Videos of Aproko Doctor, TVC Reporters Marketing Pain Relief Cream

Clara Natera, self-proclaimed rheumatologist, has hijacked a Facebook page, ‘Beautiful Flowers & Roses,’ to disseminate manipulated videos promoting a cream purportedly curing joint pain.

Using altered footage of TVC News reports, Aproko Doctor (Chinonso Egemba), and another individual, Natera fabricates endorsements for the alleged miracle pain relief cream.

Investigation by StechiteGist Media revealed that these videos were created from old recordings, with modified audio and mouth movements to give the false impression of product endorsements.

For instance, a TVC reporter was manipulated to appear saying, “Joint pain will go away in two days. Diseases of the joints, bones, and muscles can lead to the loss of a limb, and in cases of infected inflammation, to death.”

Further analysis uncovered similarly doctored videos featuring Caucasian individuals speaking in a foreign language to promote the same cream. The deceptive posts direct users to a webpage where Natera markets the Motion Energy cream, claiming it cures bone ailments.

She prompts users to provide their names and phone numbers to order the N28,000 cream.

Conclusion: Clara Natera employs deceptive tactics on Facebook, manipulating videos to market the Motion Energy cream with alleged curative properties.

Verdict: Misleading information; the videos are fabricated endorsements, and the promoted product’s efficacy is questionable.

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