All About Gonzaga Joe Reyda Obituary, Wife Tricia And Daughters Mourn His Death

Gonzaga College High School is mourning the loss of its long-serving athletic director.

On Tuesday morning, Fr. Joseph Lingan sent a message to Gonzaga College High School students and alumni families after Joe Reyda died of an apparent heart attack in his home.

Gonzaga Joe Reyda Obituary: Tricia, His Wife, And Their Daughters Mourn His Death

Gonzaga College High School is still in shock following the terrible death of its legendary athletic director, Joe Reyda. Reyda died suddenly at the age of 55 from an apparent heart attack at home.

Joe Reyda is survived by his wife, Tricia, and their two children. As they mourn their devastating loss, the Reyda family is encircled by the sympathy and sentiments of the Gonzaga College High School community and beyond. The passing of Joe Reyda, a guy who impacted the lives of many young men, has devastated the Gonzaga College High School community.


Reverend Joseph Lingan, the school’s president, lauded Reyda as a beloved and renowned community member.

Reyda’s enthusiasm and love for his profession as athletic director influenced the lives of many Gonzaga College High School students.

The school is in mourning following Joe Reyda’s death and has not given any details regarding his funeral or memorial services.

However, the entire Gonzaga College High School community is encouraged to pray in memory of Reyda and to bring comfort during this difficult time.

“Joe was a well-liked and valuable part of our school community.” During his stint as Athletic Director, he shaped the Gonzaga experience for hundreds of young men.

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“He was a modest leader, a compassionate person, and a dedicated spouse, father, and friend,” Lingan wrote.

Joe Reyda’s Legacy is Investigated
Joe Reyda, a seasoned athletics director at Gonzaga College High School, died suddenly this morning at his home of what appears to be a heart attack.

“Joe was a well-liked and valuable part of our school community,” he continued.

“As our long-serving Athletic Director, he shaped the Gonzaga experiences of hundreds of young men.”

Obituary for Joe Reyda

Joe Reyda, an accomplished high school athletic director at Gonzaga College (Source: Fox12now).
“This is heartbreaking news. Joe was genuine and compassionate. Someone remarked, “I know Tom, my husband, Joe’s friend and fellow Gonzaga alum, will be rooting for all Gonzaga sports in paradise with me.”

Others described how Reyda assisted them in assisting their friends and family while they were at Gonzaga College High School.

The high school issued a notification this morning. The announcement was made at the high school.

The high school information served as the framework for the announcement, which was made following that information.

The high school told the student body of the news this morning via a campus-wide statement.

Students Pay Tribute to Joe Reyda

Reyda was also noted for keeping his Twitter profile up to date with the newest sports news from the school’s teams.

“Joe represents the spirit of ‘A Man For Others,'” a member of the community wrote. “He had a tremendous impact on so many people’s lives.” He’ll be sorely missed. “I would like to apologise to everyone who knew and loved him.”

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“Heartbreaking. “He was a man for others who died far too young.””Seeing him at all the games and checking his Twitter account for the latest scores/updates was extremely reassuring,” one person stated. “As steady as Gonzaga’s bell tower.”

Not only was the school community heartbroken by his loss; many people expressed how Reyda had helped them through difficult times.

Another reader commented, “He was excellent to my family when my brother, Aaron Cooper, died abruptly in 2004 after suffering from mental illness.”

“My brother had never even been to Gonzaga, but he knew everyone in our family from there.”


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