Gordon Ramsay Food Stars: Shocking Elimination Revealed! Who Went Home Today?

On Gordon Ramsay Food Stars, Kagen, Elisa, and Jake were sent home. Jake Aronskind was the last person on the show to be kicked off.

This year, Gordon Ramsay, a famous British chef, is back with a new cooking show called Gordon Ramsay Food Stars. It is different from his other shows.

It’s more than just a cooking show; it’s about finding the next great dish and a food business entrepreneur.

It’s a new idea to have some chefs with new ideas fight on the show for Ramsay’s money and a business partnership.

Fifteen entrepreneurs in the food industry take part in the game and try to solve the business problems set by the British chef.

They accept the challenge of getting Gordon to spend $250,000 of his own money in their business and join them as a partner.

Aaron Valentine, Ashely Davies, Caroline D’Amore, Chanel Goodson, Chris Kanik, Jake Aronskind, Jourdan Higgs, Sydney Webb, and more are all chefs who have come up with new recipes.

It was first shown on May 24, 2023, at 9 p.m.

On Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, who was sent home?

On Gordon Ramsay Food Stars, Kagen Cox, Elisa Strauss, and Jake Aronskind were sent home. Jake was taken out of the show in episode 3.

Kegan has been out from the show in the first week as he undercooked the beef

Episode 1

On May 24, 2023, the first show aired. Kagen Cox was kicked off the show in the first episode because he wouldn’t admit he was a problem.

Christopher Tompkins, the founder of Broad Street Oyster Co., was a guest judge on the first week’s show, “Seaside Shack,” where he judged the contestants.

The contestants were put into groups and given the task of building a food stand on the beach. At last, the group with the best shed was safe and didn’t have to go to the next round.

Kegan was kicked off the show after the first week because he didn’t cook the beef long enough.

In just two hours, the Red Team made a huge return of $1564. The blue team made $1300, while the yellow team only made $1263.

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Even though the difference between the two teams was only $67, the yellow team lost because they were disorganised, had bad quality control, and spent the most on products.

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In the first week, Cox, who was born in Richland, failed to impress Judge Ramsay because the creator couldn’t figure out how to solve the problem.

Episode 2

In the second show, “Host With the Most,” Elisa Strauss leaves the blue team and goes home. On May 31, 2023, the show aired.

At a charity dinner for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, where more than 100 people give money, the two teams serve food and drinks and make displays that stand out.

But the judges didn’t find Strauss’s talk to be worth their time. She led the group, but she couldn’t explain what that meant.

They got a total of $110,000. Team Yellow raised $90,000 and Team Blue made only $20,000.

She was the second contestant in the second week to fail to please the judges and be kicked off the show.

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Elisa was on the blue team, which couldn’t raise more money. Because of this, she was sent home from her lost team.

She started Confetti Cakes & Company, teaches on The Real Craftsy, wins on Food Network, and writes books.

The mother of three said it was hard because Gordon told her on national TV to go home.

She thanked Food Stars for letting her show off her Confetti Cakes & Company kits, but most of all, she thanked them for letting her go home.

Episode 3

In the third episode of You’ve Got Wine, Jake Aronskind, a businessman from Manhattan, has been sent home. Also leaving the race are Jourdan Higgs and Chanel Goodson.

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There were only 12 contestants when Gordon got to Napa Valley. The judge also said that Chanel had to leave the show for personal reasons.

Elisa was the part of blue team, which was unable to raise higher funds, as a result, she was send home from her loser team

In the same way, Jourdan’s business needs him back, and making that choice was the hardest thing for him to do. He had also left, though.

This week, Elizabeth Vianna, the winemaker from Chimney Rock, joined the show, and the contestants had to make food that went well with the wine.

Jake was taken out of the competition in episode 3 when team yellow lost the task.
Jake was taken out of the competition in episode 3 when team yellow lost the task.(Instagram is the source)

The most important thing is that the design and contents of the box should appeal to people in Napa Valley.

On the yellow team were Ashley, Lan, Queen, Jake, Chris, and Tony. On the blue team were Sydney, Caroline, Luther, Megan, and Aaron.

The week’s task was won by the Blue team because the Yellow teams confusing box couldn’t beat them.

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Lan, Tony, and Gordon sent Jake home because he came up with a name for a wine but couldn’t step up and explain what he had in mind.

Teams from Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars
The contestants signed up for the culinary task series as individuals, but they are working as a team for the next ten weeks.

Teams’ first week

In the first task, the contestants have to sell food on the street. On the beach, the contestants were put into teams and told to make tasty food in order to win.

Jake was eliminated in episode 3 after team yellow lost the challenge

The money goes to the team that makes the least money by lunchtime. At least one person from the group that comes in last will leave the game.

In the first episode, Ramsey picked the team of five people to his left.

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Gordan chose Lan, Jourdan, Tony, Caroline, and Aaron from his right side to be on team blue. They sell food on the beach to make the most money out of the three teams.

  • Precious-Jewel Zabriskie is on the Red Queen team.
    Lincoln Chen
    Ashley Davis
    Megan Meza
    Jake Aronskind
  • Kegan Cox is on Team Yellow.
    Elisa Strauss
    Sydney Webb
    Chris Kanik
    Channel Goodson
    On Gordan’s right, he chooses the last competitor as a blue team.
  • Blue Team
    Lan Ho
    Jourdan Higgs
    Tony Balestreri
    Caroline D’Amore is a
    Aaron Valentine

Cox, who is on Team Yellow and doesn’t make much money, has to leave the race because he can’t make a good first impression.


Team’s Second Week

Next week, the last 14 contestants came together to raise money for a cancer hospital. In this show, they were put into two different groups.

The third week’s blue team, Queen and Tony, took part to make money for the fund for Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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Chanel, Chris, Megan, Ashley, Caroline, Jourdan, and Luther are all on the yellow team.

Lan, Queen, Sydney, Lisa, Aaron, Tony, and Jake are all on the blue team.

During the third week, the members of Team Eleven worked with Napa Valley to make the wine and food combo.

Ashley, Lan, Queen, Jake, Chris, and Tony are on the Yellow Team.

Sydney, Caroline, Luther, Megan, and Aaron are all on the Blue Team.

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