Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge Cars After Makeover: What Happens?

The Grand Finale of Hot Wheels After receiving a makeover on the show, cars are stored in storage facilities. These vehicles were never designed to drive on pavement.

Inspired by the timeless ‘Hot Wheels’ toy car line that Mattel debuted in 1968, Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge is a 10-part competition series that sees racers spruce up their rides for a chance at cash prizes.

Each episode of Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge, hosted by TV celebrity and car expert Rutledge Wood, includes two Hot Wheels’superfans’ who transform a regular car into a life-sized Hot Wheels car.

The grand prize is having their automobile design produced as a real Hot Wheels car and receiving a monetary award.

Released on NBC and Peacock on May 30, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, “Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge” was produced by Endemol Shine North America, Workerbee, and Mattel Television.

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge Cars: Where Do They Go?

The transformed Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge Cars are stored away in a warehouse. The host, however, secretly wishes they’d stay at his place permanently.

According to the host, some of the automobiles will be broken down for their parts, while others may be given a second chance at life.

He thinks some high-value vehicles will find their way to someone who can legally sell them on the open market.

Vehicles built in the garage according to no standards are not released to the public.

Without concern for street legality, the show’s candidates are judged on their original approaches to the automobile.

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The vehicles featured on the show are pure fiction and not road-worthy in any way. The whole point of the show is for the competitors to relive their youth by making something they wanted but couldn’t have.

The value is in actually having the 164-point scale card in one’s hands and putting it to use.

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It is a reality competition show with 10 episodes hosted by Rutledge Wood based on car remodelling by two competitiors.

Which city has the Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge Garage?

Manchester, England is home to the Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge Garage. All episodes were shot at the same studio.

The competitors toil in an open garage, watching the other’s progress while time slows. The result is increased tension.

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In the “chrome zone,” where the creators present their most advanced and ostentatious garages, they square off against one another.

Both garages feature fully operational lifts, welding equipment, and anything else that might be needed.

Inside the enormous studio (which resembles a Hot Wheels track), they are separated by only 30 feet.

In Michigan, there is a huge studio with two garages facing front to intensify the tension between competitors.

The show introduces an improved vending machine called “The Inspirationator 5000,” which gives out design constraints rather than snacks in an effort to maintain objectivity and spice up the tests.

A panel of celebrity judges including Anthony Anderson, WWE Superstar Big E, Terry Crews, Sung Kang, Jay Leno, and Joel McHale will decide the victors of “Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge.”

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Who Won the Hot Wheels Ultimate Competition?

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge was won by Jim, Sheilah, and Aldavid Jimerson. They have won all three episodes at the same time.

Each round’s victor receives $25,000 in addition to a “Golden Key” to the next level of competition. The winner of the grand finale will get an additional $50,000 and have their winning design produced for sale to the general public.

A gigantic studio with two garages facing frontside to increase the pressure among the contestants is situated in Michigan.

Power Charged vs. Cyber Slicker, Part 1

In the premiere of Season 1, Jim’s Dodge Charger triumphed thanks to his innovative engineering.

The futuristic 2009 Chevrolet Camaro couldn’t beat Jim’s 1969 Dodge Charger. On May 30, 2023, the episode made its debut.

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Power Charged and Jadejha are the results of a collaboration between Jim, a custom van outfitter, and a ’69 Dodge Charger, the same model as the one he and his father repaired.

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Jadejha wanted to build a gigantic, low-slung, and futuristic car, but Jim was set on modifying the Charger with a massive wheelie bar.

Although they were unable to incorporate the twist feature given by the Inspirationator 5000, the trio of judges emphasised on the imaginative engineering expertise and presentation of getting the behemoth on two wheels in this round.

Part 2: Buckaroo Takes on a Monster Bug

Sheilah, the episode two victor, with judges Rutledge, Dalal, and Hertrech, clockwise from left.

Kevin’s 1977 Ford Thunderbird was no match for Sheilah’s Monster Bug. On June 6, 2023, the premiere aired for this episode.

Sheilah, a 67-year-old drift enthusiast, paid homage to the Texas Horned Lizard by transforming a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle into a Monster Bug.

From left- The winner of second episode Sheilah with three judges Rutledge, Dalal and Hertrech.

At the same time, Kevin, who considers himself a cowboy, converted the Thunderbird into a horse-bucking symbol of Texas pride.

Sheilah’s metamorphosis was the deciding factor, while Kevin’s car’s hydraulics let it bounce like a Bronco and helped him win.

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Part Three: The Spirit of Detroit Takes on the Red Hot Fire Truck


The “Spirit of Detroit” by Aldavid Jimerson has replaced the “Flamin’ Firetruck” of Rob Anders. On June 13, 2023, the episode premiered.

The adjudicator saw that both competitors’ autos were very similar to one another. While Rob started with a longer bed Dodge pick-up, Aldavid drives a Dodge K5 Blazer, which is largely in the shortest category of Dodge short bed pick-ups.

Rob’s vehicle wasted too much space. The judges were really thrilled with Aldavid’s Bone Shaker-themed gasoline tank and fiery exhaust pipes.

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Aldavid Jimerson's Dodge K5 Blazer defeated Rob Anders'

The judges were also impressed by Aldavid’s obvious love for his hometown of Detroit.

Find Out Who Runs Hot Wheels’ Biggest Race

Hot Wheels Ultimate Challenge is hosted by Rutledge Wood. In addition to hosting, he is also a judge on the show.

Auto racing expert and TV broadcaster Rutledge Wood was born in Birmingham, Alabama.

His interest in fast automobiles and sports cars began at an early age. He first learned the ropes from his father, who was involved in the new and used automobile business.

Wood completed high school in Peachtree City, Georgia in 1955 and went on to earn a marketing degree from the University of Georgia.


Wood hosted Speed Road Tour Challenge in 2007 before joining the cast of History’s Top Gear.

The host, an auto car analyst, has been a car fanatic from an early age and now has an ever-expanding collection of more than 60 vehicles.

The host, auto car analyst is a car enthusiast since a very young age who currently owns more than 60 cars which keeps growing.

In 2015, he starred in a new show called “Lost in Transmission,” in which he and a friend cruise about their hometown in Georgia while working on historic cars.

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He has almost 60 cars, and they’re not all show-stoppers. His garage is filled with classics like the 1970 Dodge Charger and 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS as well as more modern vehicles like the 2005 Scion xB 2JZ and 2004 Volkswagen Jetta Ute.

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