How Old Is Mazzi From Family Reunion In Real Life? Age And Real Name

Mazzi from Family Reunion is a beloved character from the American sitcom that aired on Netflix from 2019 to 2022. The series follows the McKellan family, originally from Seattle, as they embark on a temporary journey to Columbus, Georgia, for a family reunion. However, their short visit turns into a permanent stay as they decide to be closer to their extended family.

Mazzi, the middle child of Moz and Cocoa McKellan, quickly captured the hearts of viewers with his playful and loving nature. The character was portrayed as a passionate young musician who enjoys composing music and singing. Throughout the show’s five parts and 44 episodes, Mazzi’s age undergoes a transformation, aging from around 10 years old at the show’s premiere to approximately 13 years old by the end of Part 5 in 2022.

Mazzi’s Character in Family Reunion

Mazzi is the third child of Moz and Cocoa McKellan, and he has two older siblings (Jade and Shaka) and two younger siblings (Ami and Skye). He shares a close bond with his brothers and sisters, particularly Ami and Shaka, whom he often helps out of trouble.

As the series progresses, Mazzi’s character evolves, and viewers witness his growth and development. With his passion for music and composition, he brings a vibrant and musical element to the show, showcasing his talent as a young musician.

Cameron J. Wright: The Talented Actor Behind Mazzi

The talented actor who brings Mazzi to life on the screen is Cameron J. Wright. At the time of writing this article, Cameron is 17 years old, just a month away from turning 18. He was born in California on August 30, 2005.

Cameron’s acting journey began at the age of 12 when he voiced the character of Crystal in the animated series “Sofia the First.” He later made his live-action debut as Schnipper in the 2019 movie “Tall Girl.” Over his acting career of almost six years, Cameron has accumulated six acting credits and has been recognized for his exceptional talent.

Apart from his role in “Family Reunion,” Cameron has also appeared in other TV projects such as the “9th Annual Celebrity Backpack Virtual Celebration” and “The Early Night Show with Joshua Turchin.”

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Family Reunion: A Show Based on Real Family Experiences

“Family Reunion” is a heartwarming show that connects with its audience on a personal level. Interestingly, the series is loosely based on the real experiences of its creator, Meg DeLoatch. The idea for the show came to Meg during a family reunion trip to Georgia in 2016.

During an interview with NPR in 2019, Meg DeLoatch shared that she was inspired to create a show that explored the importance of growing up close to extended family. This desire led to the birth of “Family Reunion,” a show that follows the McKellan family’s journey as they bond with their extended family in Columbus, Georgia.

Cameron J Wright’s Family and Background

Outside of his role as Mazzi in “Family Reunion,” Cameron J. Wright has a close-knit family of his own. He is the son of Salesha Alaniz, and while he hasn’t revealed if he has any half-siblings from his father’s side, he has a loving relationship with his maternal grandparents, Steve Alaniz and Sandra Alaniz.

Cameron’s mother, Salesha, plays a significant role in his life and serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of his company, The Wright One, Inc., which was established in 2018.

The actor occasionally shares glimpses of his family life on social media, showing his love and appreciation for his mother and his adorable pet dog, whose name remains undisclosed.

Meet the Cast of Family Reunion and Their Ages

“Family Reunion” boasts an impressive and talented cast, with actors of different ages and backgrounds bringing the characters to life. Let’s meet some of the key cast members and learn about their ages:

Richard Roundtree: 81 Years Old

Richard Roundtree portrays the wise and loving Grandpa Jebidiah McKellan in “Family Reunion.” Born on July 9, 1942, Richard is an accomplished actor known for his iconic role as John Shaft in the “Shaft” film series.

Throughout his illustrious career spanning over 67 years, Richard has appeared in over 150 movies and TV shows, leaving a significant impact on the entertainment industry.

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Loretta Divine: 73 Years Old

Loretta Divine, who plays M’Dear in “Family Reunion,” is a seasoned actress with a career that spans over four decades. Born on August 21, 1948, Loretta has earned acclaim for her versatile performances in various films and TV shows.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict: 45 Years Old

Tia Mowry-Hardrict portrays Cocoa McKellan, Moz’s loving and caring wife in “Family Reunion.” Born on July 6, 1978, Tia is best known for her role in the popular TV series “Sister, Sister,” alongside her twin sister Tamera Mowry-Housley.

Anthony Alabi: 42 Years Old

Anthony Alabi brings Moz McKellan to life on the screen. Born on February 16, 1979, Anthony is an American actor who joined the showbiz relatively recently. He made his acting debut at the age of 29 and has since been a part of several movies and TV shows.

Talia Jackson: 21 Years Old

Talia Jackson plays the role of Jade McKellan, the confident and strong-willed eldest daughter of the McKellan family. Born on August 28, 2001, Talia is a talented young actress known for her exceptional performances in various projects.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey: 16 Years Old

Isaiah Russell-Bailey portrays Shaka McKellan, Mazzi’s older brother known for his intelligence and wit. Born on December 9, 2006, Isaiah is a promising young actor with a bright future ahead.

Jordyn Raya James: 12 Years Old

Jordyn Raya James plays the adorable Ami McKellan, Mazzi’s younger sister. Born on October 22, 2010, Jordyn brings her youthful charm to the show, captivating the audience with her talent.

How Old Is Ami From Family Reunion?

Ami from Family Reunion, portrayed by the talented Jordyn Raya James, is 12 years old. She will celebrate her 13th birthday on her upcoming birthday on October 22, 2023.

Born to an African-American mother and a Caucasian father, Jordyn grew up in her hometown of Upland, California. Despite her young age, Jordyn has already made an impressive mark in the entertainment industry, with four TV shows and one TV movie under her belt.

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Jordyn’s performance as Ami adds a delightful and endearing element to “Family Reunion,” contributing to the show’s success.


“Family Reunion” captured the hearts of viewers with its heartwarming portrayal of family dynamics and the value of extended family bonds. The character of Mazzi, brought to life by the talented Cameron J. Wright, resonated with audiences, making him a beloved member of the McKellan family.

With an ensemble cast of talented actors, “Family Reunion” brought laughter, joy, and valuable life lessons to its viewers, creating a memorable and entertaining series that will be cherished by audiences for years to come.


1. Is “Family Reunion” based on a real family? Yes, “Family Reunion” is loosely based on the real experiences of show creator Meg DeLoatch. The idea for the series came to her during a family reunion trip to Georgia in 2016.

2. How old is Cameron J. Wright, the actor who plays Mazzi? Cameron J. Wright is 17 years old at the time of writing this article, with his birthday approaching on August 30, 2005.

3. How many parts and episodes are there in “Family Reunion”? “Family Reunion” is divided into five parts, with a total of 44 episodes that chronicle the McKellan family’s journey and adventures.

4. Who plays Grandpa Jebidiah McKellan in “Family Reunion”? Richard Roundtree portrays Grandpa Jebidiah McKellan, a wise and loving character in the show. At the time of writing, Richard is 81 years old, born on July 9, 1942.

5. How old is Jordyn Raya James, who plays Ami McKellan? Jordyn Raya James, the talented actress behind the character of Ami McKellan, is 12 years old. Her birthday falls on October 22, 2010.

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