Is Iberdroenergy Legit Or Scam? Our Honest Reviews

In the bustling realm of investment opportunities, has emerged as a new player in Nigeria. Boasting an incredible promise of 25% daily returns on investments for 100 days, totaling a staggering 2500% return, this platform raises eyebrows with its eye-popping offer. This article takes a close look at Iberdroenergy to unveil its legitimacy and separate fact from fiction.

Joining the Iberdroenergy Bandwagon

Promising a jaw-dropping 2500% total returns over 100 days, Iberdroenergy invites investors to leap into its lucrative proposition. The platform claims to offer investors the chance to amplify their wealth through its investment plans.

Exploring the Benefits of Iberdroenergy

Aspiring investors are enticed with a handful of alluring benefits upon joining the Iberdroenergy platform:

  • Minimum Withdrawal: The platform offers a minimum withdrawal amount of 1,000 naira, providing users with easy access to their earnings.
  • Investment Flexibility: Iberdroenergy presents a range of investment options with varying returns, accommodating investors with diverse financial goals.

Decoding Iberdroenergy’s Origins

Iberdroenergy asserts its affiliation with the well-known Iberdrola Group, a global energy leader. The platform claims to champion the energy transition to combat climate change, offering sustainable and value-creating business models.

Navigating the Path to Earnings on Iberdroenergy

The process of making money on Iberdroenergy is relatively straightforward:

  1. Account Registration: Begin by registering on the platform through the provided registration link.
  2. Deposit Funds: After account verification, deposit the desired investment amount. Note that the minimum investment is 2,000 units.
  3. Explore Investment Plans: Delve into Iberdroenergy’s array of investment plans, each offering varying returns. Choose a plan aligned with your financial goals and risk tolerance.
  4. Monitor Investments: Keep track of your investments’ performance. Stay informed about the renewable energy projects linked to your investments, and stay updated on their progress.
  5. Reinvest or Withdraw Profits: As your investments mature, you can choose to reinvest the returns for compounded earnings or withdraw them for immediate use.
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Iberdrola Investment Plans: A Closer Look

Iberdroenergy offers a selection of investment plans with different durations and returns:

Product Duration Total Profit Daily Revenue Amount
WIKINGER OFFSHORE WIND FARM 100 days ₦75,000 25% ₦750
WINDANKER OFFSHORE WIND FARM 100 days ₦130,000 26% ₦1,300
EAST ANGLIA HUB OFFSHORE WIND COMPLEX 100 days ₦280,000 28% ₦2,800
KITTY HAWK OFFSHORE WIND FARM 100 days ₦900,000 30% ₦9,000
VINEYARD WIND 1 OFFSHORE WIND FARM 100 days ₦1,600,000 32% ₦16,000
PARK CITY WIND OFFSHORE WIND FARM 100 days ₦3,500,000 35% ₦35,000
EAST ANGLIA ONE OFFSHORE WIND FARM 100 days ₦19,000,000 38% ₦190,000
BALTIC EAGLE OFFSHORE WIND FARM 100 days ₦42,000,000 42% ₦420,000

Maximizing Earnings through Referrals

Iberdroenergy sweetens the deal by introducing a referral program. By referring friends, family, or acquaintances to the platform, investors can earn commissions on their referrals’ investments.

Legitimacy Check: Iberdroenergy’s True Colors

Despite its enticing offers, is a counterfeit platform and a Ponzi scheme. The platform masquerades as the renowned Iberdrola Group, imitating its logo, about us text, and images. This duplicity raises significant concerns about its legitimacy.

Conclusion: Proceed with Caution

In the world of investments, offers that seem too good to be true often are. Iberdroenergy’s sky-high returns and misleading affiliations serve as cautionary signs for potential investors. When considering investment opportunities, thorough research and skepticism are essential.


  1. What returns does Iberdroenergy promise? Iberdroenergy boasts an eye-popping 25% daily return on investments for 100 days, totaling 2500% returns.
  2. Can I trust Iberdroenergy’s affiliation claims? No, Iberdroenergy falsely claims affiliation with Iberdrola Group, raising doubts about its authenticity.
  3. How can I earn from Iberdroenergy? Earnings on Iberdroenergy can be achieved through investments and referrals.
  4. What is the minimum investment on Iberdroenergy? The minimum investment on Iberdroenergy is 2,000 naira.
  5. Is Iberdroenergy legitimate? Iberdroenergy is a fraudulent platform and a Ponzi scheme that impersonates the genuine Iberdrola Group.

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