Former FIFA-badged Nigerian referee, Abayomi Ifabumuyi Dies

The football community mourns the loss of Abayomi Ifabumuyi, a distinguished Nigerian referee renowned for once holding the coveted FIFA badge. The passing of this revered figure at the age of 74 has left a void in the world of sports. This article pays tribute to his impactful legacy and contributions to the realm of football.

1. The Passing of a Legend

Abayomi Ifabumuyi, a notable Nigerian referee with a rich history in football, breathed his last in Akure, the capital city of Ondo State. His demise at the age of 74 marks the end of an era in the Nigerian football landscape.

2. A Family’s Sorrow

The news of Ifabumuyi’s passing was officially confirmed through a statement that echoed the sentiments of his family. His younger brother, Wale Ifabumuyi, a football coach, expressed the family’s deep sorrow and shock at the loss. The void left by his departure is keenly felt by those who knew and admired him.

3. Extensive Contributions

Ifabumuyi’s influence and contributions to the realm of football were extensive and widely recognized. Having once held the prestigious FIFA badge, he played a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and fairness of the game, leaving an indelible mark on both national and global levels.

4. A Lasting Legacy

Survived by four children and three siblings, Ifabumuyi’s legacy in the world of sports is a testament to his dedication and passion. His impact on the growth and development of football remains unmatched, and his name will forever be associated with the beautiful game.

5. “Yomi”: A Source of Inspiration

Affectionately referred to as “Yomi” by those who held him in high esteem, Ifabumuyi embodied qualities that resonated with the football community. Fearlessness, eloquence, resourcefulness, and an infectious enthusiasm for the sport defined his character and left an impression on all who encountered him.

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6. A Brother’s Tribute

Wale Ifabumuyi, eloquent in capturing his brother’s legacy, spoke about the profound impact Abayomi had on the sport. He emphasized that the football world had lost a rare gem and a quintessential sports personality whose contributions were instrumental in the growth and development of football.

7. The End of an Era

In conclusion, the passing of Abayomi Ifabumuyi marks the end of an era in Nigerian football. His dedication, influence, and commitment to maintaining the spirit of the game have left an enduring legacy. As the football community mourns his loss, his memory will continue to inspire and remind us of the significant impact one individual can have on the world of sports.


1. Who was Abayomi Ifabumuyi? Abayomi Ifabumuyi was a distinguished Nigerian referee who held the coveted FIFA badge. He made extensive contributions to the realm of football.

2. What marked Ifabumuyi’s legacy in football? Ifabumuyi’s legacy lies in his influence on the growth and development of football, both nationally and globally, as well as his dedication to maintaining the integrity of the game.

3. What qualities defined Ifabumuyi’s character? Abayomi Ifabumuyi was known for his fearlessness, eloquence, resourcefulness, and infectious enthusiasm for football, earning him the affectionate nickname “Yomi.”

4. How did Wale Ifabumuyi describe his brother’s impact? Wale Ifabumuyi eloquently described his brother’s impact as that of a rare gem and quintessential sports personality who contributed immensely to the growth and development of football.

5. What is Abayomi Ifabumuyi’s legacy? Abayomi Ifabumuyi’s legacy is one of dedication, passion, and impactful contributions to the world of football. His memory will continue to inspire and remind us of the positive influence one individual can have in the realm of sports.

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