Ink Master Winners List: Season by Season Elimination Order and Cash Prizes

Ink Master is a reality series that follows skilled tattoo artists who compete in various challenges to showcase their creativity and tattooing skills. Each season, contestants compete in flash challenges to win the advantage of choosing their desired human canvas for the elimination challenge. The contestant who performs the worst in the elimination challenge gets eliminated from the competition.

The grand prize for the winner of Ink Master is $100,000, which was increased to $250,000 in Season 14. The winner also gets the prestigious title of Ink Master and the opportunity to be featured in Inked Magazine. The show is hosted by Dave Navarro, and the judging panel consists of renowned tattoo artists Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez.

Here is the elimination order for each season of Ink Master, starting from Season 1:

Ink Master Season 1:

  • First Elimination: Brian ‘B-TAT’ Robinson
  • Winner: Shane O’Neill

Ink Master Season 2:

  • First Elimination: Cee Jay Jones
  • Winner: Steve Tefft

Ink Master Season 3:

  • First Elimination: Frank McManus
  • Winner: Joey Hamilton

Ink Master Season 4:

  • First Elimination: Damon Butler
  • Winner: Scott Marshall

Ink Master Season 5:

  • First Elimination: Caroline Evans
  • Winner: Jason Clay Dunn

Ink Master Season 6:

  • First Elimination: Brian Stephens
  • Winner: Dave Kruseman

Ink Master Season 7:

Ink Master Season 8:

  • Eliminations (Day 1): Brett Osborne, Hobo Ink, Chris Saint Clark, Johnny Flash
  • Winner: Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Ink Master Season 9:

  • First Elimination: Thicker Than Blood (Jhon Campuzano & Babiery Hernandez)
  • Winning Shop: Team Old Town Ink (DJ Tambe and Aaron Bubba Irwin)
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Ink Master Season 10:

  • First Elimination: Tim Furlow, Rachael Head, Rachel Helmich, Christian Masot, Koko Tatts, Slowburn
  • Winner: Joshua Payne

Ink Master Season 11:

  • First Elimination: Kasey ‘Gonzo’ Gonzalez
  • Winner: Tony Medellin

Ink Master Season 12:

  • First Elimination: Tim Lease
  • Winner: Laura Marie

Ink Master Season 13:

  • First Eliminations: Nychelle Elise and Andrew Hicks
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no winner of Season 13.

Ink Master Season 14:

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