Is Amani Chris Derrico’s Son? Exploring the Evidence

Amani Derrico is Chris Derrico’s son, that much is true. Christopher Derrico, Deon’s sibling, died on January 27, 2020.

His brother was looking forward to the show more than anybody else while Deon, his wife, and their 14 children filmed for it. He passed away unexpectedly just before the show’s premiere.

Amani’s introduction to the Derrico family has raised many questions about his relationship to the family. The fourth season of “Doubling Down with the Derricos” introduced Amani as a potential new addition to the family. According to the show, Amani claims to be the son of Chris Derrico, Deon Derrico’s brother who passed away in January 2020.

Although Amani’s arrival has brought mixed emotions to the Derrico family, Deon has since confirmed that Amani is, in fact, a Derrico and Chris’s son. However, viewers will have to wait until a later episode to learn the full results. Amani’s introduction to the show has left many wondering about his background and how he came to know about his potential family.

Amani Chris Derrico’s Paternity

What is the Evidence?

Amani Derrico is a new addition to the Derrico family, and there has been much speculation about his paternity. In a sneak peek video on TLC’s Twitter page, Deon Derrico received a voicemail from someone named Amani who claimed to be his late brother Christopher’s son. The video showed Deon admitting to missing a call to his wife Karen Derrico and expressing amazement at hearing Amani’s voicemail and his claims.

What Does the DNA Test Say?

According to a recent episode of “Doubling Down with the Derricos,” a DNA test confirmed that Amani is indeed Chris Derrico’s son.

The family was initially hesitant to believe the claims, but they eventually decided to take a DNA test to confirm the paternity. The results showed that Amani is a biological match to the Derrico family, confirming his relationship to Chris Derrico.

What Did Chris Derrico Say?

Unfortunately, Chris Derrico passed away on January 27, 2020, before Amani’s arrival. Therefore, it is impossible to know what he would have said about the situation. However, the Derrico family has been open about their love and respect for Chris, and they have welcomed Amani with open arms.

In conclusion, Amani Derrico is Chris Derrico’s son, as confirmed by a DNA test. Despite Chris’s passing, the Derrico family has embraced Amani and welcomed him into their family.

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Potential Implications

Legal Implications

If Amani is confirmed to be Chris Derrico’s son, it could have legal implications for the Derrico family. Amani may be entitled to inheritance rights and could potentially challenge any wills or trusts that Chris may have had in place. Additionally, Amani may have a claim to any assets that Chris owned at the time of his death.

There may also be legal implications for Deon and GG Derrico if it is discovered that they knew about Amani’s existence but did not disclose it. They could face legal action for withholding information that could have affected Chris’s estate.

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Personal Implications

The discovery that Amani is Chris’s son could have personal implications for the Derrico family. Amani may want to establish a relationship with his biological family, including his half-siblings. This could potentially cause tension within the family, especially if there are disagreements about how much involvement Amani should have in their lives.

For Amani himself, the discovery that he is related to the Derrico family could have a significant impact on his sense of identity and belonging. It may also bring up difficult emotions related to not knowing his biological father and potentially feeling like an outsider in the family.

Financial Implications

If Amani is confirmed to be Chris’s son, it could have financial implications for the Derrico family. They may need to provide financial support for Amani, including child support and potentially paying for his education or other expenses.

Additionally, if Amani is entitled to inheritance rights, it could impact the financial distribution of Chris’s estate. This could potentially cause tension within the family if there are disagreements about how assets should be divided.

On August 11, 2020, the reality show premiered.

After three years, GG and Deon received some potentially life-altering news in the mail.

The sad and compelling story of Derrico’s life is revealed in Season 4.

Although Karen felt they needed more space, they had recently welcomed a new family member, a young man named Amani, who claims to be Chris’s son.

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‘We Didn’t Start The Fire,’ the second episode of Season 4 of Doubling Down With the Derricos, featured Chris as a way to pay tribute to a deceased Derrico family member.

The premiere of Season 4 was on May 30th, 2023. Apple Bottom Genes, the third episode, will reveal the DNA results to GG and Deon, and viewers can’t wait.

Could Amani Be A Derrico?

Amani is, indeed, a Derrico. Chris Turner, Deon Derrico’s brother, is the father of this young man.

Episode 2’s voicemail for the Derricos contained upsetting information for Deon and GG.

Amani here, and your brother Chris might be my dad, it says in the voicemail.

Derricos have never seen this man, but he has indicated that he may be the son of Deon’s older brother Chris through their correspondence.

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Deon assumed it was a fraud at first because of how close he was to his brother and therefore ignored the call.

Later, however, he broke down and apologised to Amani for being so distant. The news was difficult for the reality star to take in.

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Origins of the Derrico name GG and Deon think the outcome will give GG a fresh reason to keep going because they miss him so much.

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GG had a very hard time adjusting to life after his brother’s death. As a result, he felt an emotional storm coming on and began to doubt Amani’s presence.

His mother, Marian Derrico (aka GG), was convinced, however, that he was her grandson.

GG has cancer and has given up hope of ever getting better. Despite feeling like a failure because of her interactions with Chris, meeting Amani has given her renewed motivation.


She arranges a DNA test with Amani on next week’s episode. During the webcam chat, she inquired, “How would you feel about getting a DNA test done?” He said he was willing to help out.

Deon was perplexed and worried that his mother would suffer a great loss if he were to turn out to be an outsider.

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GG wept in the new season preview of Doubling Down With The Derricos, hoping and praying that the baby is Chris’s and that he will be her grandchild.

Chris Derrico family GG and Deon miss him, and they are hopeful about the result as GG will get a new motive to live life

Deon says, “The funny thing is this happened before, but unfortunately that young man wasn’t his, so we are hopeful.” when people think he looks like GG and his older brother.

A Sibling: Deon Derrico When Christopher Died

On January 27, 2020, Deon Derrico’s younger brother Christopher Shonnald Turner passed away.

On that tragic day, the reality star revealed the death of his older brother Chris, who will be deeply missed but never forgotten.


The father of 15 children describes the news as bittersweet because his brother’s death was sudden and he never got to watch the show in theatres.

Chris’s birthday is 1/31/1966, and he passed away in 2018. Like his sibling, he worked in real estate.

But Chris is technically his half-brother because they have different biological fathers. This results in them having distinctive last names.

He revealed that Chris and he had different fathers when fans demanded to see a photo of him with them.

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GG, Deon’s mother, divorced Mr. Turner and eventually married Eddie Derrico, the father of Deon.

Deon’s older brother Chris died in 2020, and he was featured in the second episode of Season 4 of Doubling Down With the Derricos.


Despite the fact that they are five years apart in age, the half-brothers bonded well, and the reality star often talks about how much he misses his sibling.

He talked at length about his brother and made it clear that the death of the family’s patriarch was difficult for everyone.

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In the most recent episode of Doubling Down With The Derricos, titled We Don’t Start the Fire, the TV star pays tribute to his late brother.

Deon's sibling Chris passed away in 2020, and he has featured in Doubling Down With the Derricos season 4 episode 2

In 1988, when he was 23 years old, he showed off some photos of his older sibling. In addition, he passed on the three pictures of Chris in the year 2019, around a year before his death.

He said that his mother, Marian Jean Derrico, and he will never forget him even though he is no longer with them physically.

Amani Has Lots Of Support From Fans

The public assumes Derrico fathered Amani. He has been told he looks just like Chris because of his smile and nose.

Hearing this, the audience rejoices, hoping that Amani is indeed Deon’s nephew and GG’s grandson.

They felt bad about the wasted years and planned to add to their family soon.

Some have said they pray for the young man and his family, hoping to find out the truth about whether or not he is a member of Derrico’s family.


The realtor and his mother reportedly got chills talking about Chris’s potential son. When the family finally got to talk to the young man through video call, everyone was relieved.

Many of Amani Derrico Chris’s fans took him to be their son on the basis of his resemblance to GG and her older child.

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Several of the mothers can relate to GG’s plight, having experienced the tragic loss of an older son themselves.

Some have speculated that he is in fact Deon’s nephew on account of his striking resemblance to Chris and GG.

In their eyes, if the young man ends up being Chris’s son, it will be a blessing for the whole family.

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On June 12th, 2023, they will find out if Chris’s family has located them.

Fans believed Amani Derrico Chris's son as they felt he looked similar to GG and her firstborn kid

Viewers have speculated that even if he is not Deon’s nephew, he may still play a role in his life.

People have commented about his allegedly stunning GG eyes. However, when seeing the boy on the TV, they began to think he resembled Deon’s eldest daughter.

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