Is The Waltonville Claw on Netflix A Real Show? All You Need To Know

Episode 2 of Season 6 of ‘Black Mirror’ is named “Loch Henry,” and it included a discussion of a fictional Netflix show called “The Waltinville Claw.” A man in the show consumes an eye as part of the plot.

A British anthology series, ‘Black Mirror’ was created by Charlie Brooker and premiered on Channel 4 on December 4, 2011.

The episodes cover a wide range of genres, but they’re mostly set in dystopian futures. Inspired by The Twilight Zone, this show combines cutting-edge gadgetry to explore pressing societal concerns of our time.

There are a total of 27 episodes in the canon, spread between six seasons, one special, and the 2018 film ‘Black’ Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Channel 4 only broadcast the first two seasons before the show was picked up by Netflix, where the remaining four seasons will premiere between 2016 and 2023. On June 15, 2023, the sixth season’s five episodes premiered.

Joan is Awful, Loch Henry, Beyond the Sea, Mazey Day, and Demon 79 are the names of episodes in the sixth season.

The Waltonville Claw: where can I get it on Netflix?

Black Mirror’s Loch Henry briefly mentions a fake Netflix documentary called The Waltonville Claw. The main character of the show is a man who, while the wife watched, ate her own eye.

In Episode 2 of Season 6 of “Black Mirror,” a young couple named Davis and Pia come to a quiet Scottish town called Loch Henry to film a gentle nature documentary.

To film a nature documentary about egg theft, Davis (Blenkin) and Pia (Herrold) travel to Loch Henry.

'Black' Mirror Season 6 Episode 2 titled Loch Henry follows a couple who travel to a sleepy Scottish town to start work on a documentary

Mirror, “Black,” Season 6 Loch Gregor Firth (Kenneth), Myha’la Herrold (Janet), Daniel Portman (Stuart), and Monica Dolan (Janet) round out the cast of Henry, which also features Samuel Blenkin (Davis).

Stuart and Davis are shown recounting the story of Simon Challis and Dawn, who rented a home near Loch Henry for their honeymoon in 1997, to Pia.

The two were not to be found on the day they were scheduled to depart. A cleaning, however, found their vehicle and belongings when they checked the house.

The incident was covered by national media outlets, making local headlines around the country. Iain got completely wasted at the pub afterward while brooding over Dawn.

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Davis’s mum in Loch Henry is played by Monica Dolan. her name is Janet McCardle.

And he threatened to come back and shoot the place after being kicked out by Stuart’s dad, John Hannah. He contacted Davis’s father, a local police officer, because he suspected the man was armed.

Iain shot the policeman who came to the door before turning the gun on his parents and himself.

After Pia takes a trip to the abandoned house, she becomes fixated on the murders and demands that Davis make a documentary about them.

Stuart thinks it’s a great plan, and he compares it to the economic success of The Waltonville Claw, a show on Netflix.

He said, “So, half this show was just amazing, constant footage of Waltonville, forests, and mountains, f….ing waterfalls!” A man who ate his own eye was also a topic of discussion on the broadcast.

The episode “Black Mirror: Loch Henry” contains numerous easter eggs that nod to prior episodes. Even though the episodes are part of an anthology, they all share common threads.

'Black' Mirror Loch Henry includes a considerable amount of Easter eggs referencing previous episodes

Davis and Pia discover a newspaper article about the killings while searching for information regarding Iain’s death.

The cover reads, “Smart in Trouble,” referring to Michael Smat, a conservative politician who appears in the series’ last episode, “Demon 79.”

Davis has stickers from earlier episodes all over his laptop, including the “Arkangel” emblem, the “White Bear” glyph, and the CGI bear from “The Waldo Moment.”

A banner for The Callow Years can be seen in the backdrop as the pair pitches their documentary to Historik Productions.

There are many easter eggs in ‘Black Mirror’: Loch Henry that harken back to earlier episodes.

Prime Minister Michael Callow from the The National Anthem pilot appears in the dramatised adaption.

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Headlines regarding the McCardles appear on the TV during a new montage about Ian’s case.

A teaser banner asking “Whatever Happened to Michael Callow?” also appears. There’s a headline reading, “Now He Runs a Zoo!” in the Scottish Daily Mail.

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Davis opens a note his mother left him before ending her life; the note reads

The episode concludes with Davis and Pia’s fictitious series, Loch Henry: Truth Will Out, being nominated for a BAFTA award for Best Factual Series, where it will face off against another well-known narrative.

A nod to the third season of “Black Mirror,” specifically the episode “San Junipero,” is made in the nomination for Euthanasia: Inside Project Junipero.

Fans of the show have consistently ranked this episode among the greatest of the series.

The Meaning of the “Black Mirror” Series Finale’s “Loch Henry” Scene Davis sat with a note from his mother and his BAFTA as the final scene of “Loch Henry” played out. In the end, he isn’t sure if he should have known the truth.

Davis and Pia, a filmmaking duo, are the episode’s main characters. They go to Loch Henry to film a documentary about egg theft. But then they switch gears and focus on the local news about a serial killer named Iain.


Davis’s father, police officer Kenny, is among the eight persons Iain is shown to have tortured and killed in the area.

When Iain came to check on him, he fired a shot, killing him. He died soon after the accident from an infection he got in the hospital.

Pia intended to make a film about the serial killer and the murders. And despite Davis’s first denial of the ‘death’ of his father, he eventually came around and accepted.

Davis reads the suicide note his mother wrote for him before she took her own life.

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Pia learns that Davis’ parents, Kenneth and Janet, helped Iain while Davis was in the hospital.

They were the ones torturing and killing at his house. Pia is afraid after learning the truth and tries to return to town. Janet will soon learn that Pia is in on the secret.

Davis won a BAFTA and became a known person but lost everything in the process of it

Pia escapes from Janet and takes off running. She was trying to cross the river at night, but she fell in and drowned.

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When Janet gets back to the house, she takes the proof of the atrocities she and her husband committed that had been left on the kitchen table and then kills herself.

We find out that Kenneth shot Iain and his family dead before taking his own life. The wound ultimately proved fatal for him.

A trailer for the documentary drops at some point in the future. Producer Kate from Historik Productions accepts the BAFTAS for their film, Loch Henry: Truth Will Out.

Davis got famous, won a BAFTA, and lost everything he owned as a result.

Davis gets a call in his hotel room from Stuart, who is floating on air thanks to the honor and the influx of visitors brought by the documentary.

Davis, meanwhile, is left traumatized by the truth as he sits with his mother’s note and stares at his prize, wondering if the truth was ultimately worth it.


An enthusiastic viewer wrote, “What an episode…. even better than the first one… beautiful scenery and dark ending.” This shows how much the viewers loved the conclusion of Loch Henry.


The final line was especially moving. In my opinion, it demonstrates that a mother’s love for her kid can last till the end of time. After everything that had occurred to him, she still hoped for his happiness.


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