There’s no bigger clout chaser on the internet than you – Iyabo Ojo tells verydarkman

There’s no bigger clout chaser on the internet than you – Iyabo Ojo tells verydarkman


Iyabo Ojo took a swipe at VeryDarkMan, continuing their ongoing battle that started yesterday. The latest development in this feud saw Iyabo Ojo targeting Noramari, but what’s interesting is the accusation she made against VeryDarkMan.

Iyabo Ojo claimed that while she had been labeled a “clout chaser” by VeryDarkMan, he was the one truly seeking attention by spreading false information and expressing untrue opinions about people.

She even hinted at a potential lawsuit against him for his controversial hot takes on various situations. To escalate the situation, Iyabojo didn’t hesitate to drag VeryDarkMan’s mother into the mix, adding a personal touch to their feud.

However, it’s worth noting that VeryDarkMan didn’t hold back either. In a previous response to Iyabojo, he made some shocking allegations. He accused her of engaging in a threesome with her own daughter, Priscilla Ojo, which sent shockwaves through the online community.

He didn’t stop there; he also labeled Iyabo Ojo a failure, suggesting that her involvement in the death of Mohbad was merely a ploy for clout and public adulation.

This ongoing feud has captivated social media users, with many taking sides and expressing their reactions in various ways. The animosity between Iyabojo and VeryDarkMan seems far from over, and it remains to be seen how this online battle will ultimately unfold.

See reactions below:
One fan chided her for involving his mother into the mix

“You leave the guy dey insult the mother and you are a mother. He came back for you with same energy and people are insulting him.

Does that even make any sense? Why not concentrate on the guy instead of insulting his mother?”

Another fan believes that only unintelligent people find verydarkman intelligent

“allimerry 8h


Popular opinion, only unintelligent lots find dark man intelligent”

One fan supported her outburst claiming that VeryDarkMan have been coming for her

“He has actually been !nsulting her and she didn’t respond. VDM has not done half of what 1.252 she has done concerning this case.”

One fan also slammed her for bringing his mother into their issue,

“Insulted his mother bringing his mother into whatever shit you both are going through is very wrong.”


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