No one deserves this – Bobrisky reacts to video of Jay Boogie crying in hospital as his condition gets critical (Video)

Popular Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky in a latest post on social media has offered to help Jay Boogie despite the difference between them.

Transgender Jay Boogie is now in a much critical condition following his failed BBL surgery as his two kidneys have failed and also has been unable to urinate for over a month now.

Jay Boogie’s series of videos has come out to beg Nigerians for help while adding that she has spent all his life savings on his present condition at the hospital.

However, Jay Boogie’s cry out has triggered mixed reactions as he gets bullied by many for being transgender as some said they will never help him.

This development did not sit down well with many including Bobrisky who had earlier shades Jay Boogie following surgery complications.

Bobrisky slammed people for bullying Jay Boogie because he came out publicly to seek help due to his present condition.

He however offered to help Jay Boogie and ask people to inform him of where he can see him.

Bobrisky wrote; “No one deserve to go through dis… not even ur hater. Yes at first i was hurt jaybogie came for me many times on her page without doing anything to her Yeah i called out one of her friend one time like that but was surprised jaybogie supported him then. Anyways that’s not the case now. I need to come in now. I’m tired of how people keep bullying her just because she came out to ask for help. Someone need to inform me where to see her . Firstly i need to hug her let her feel loved.”

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