Devi Rebel Yoga Owner: Jennifer Pedranti Net Worth and Family Business

Jennifer Pedranti has a $2 million net worth. Jennifer is an entrepreneur who owns a yoga school called Devi Rebel Yoga. The new season of RHOC started on June 7, 2023, at 8 p.m. and 7 c. Episodes can be streamed on Peacock the day after they air.

Season 17 brings back some known faces and adds Pedranti to the cast. She joins Tamra Judges, who has come back as a housewife, to stir things up and add more drama.

Shannon Storms Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson, and Heather Dubrow are among the other actors who will be back.

Taylor Armstrong from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the first wife in Real Housewives history to move to a different city. She appears in RHOC as a friend, making her a part of Real Housewives history.

Even though we’ve seen the glamorous lives of these women on Bravo for years, some viewers might be interested in Pedranti’s life as a mother and business owner.

Every year, the RHOC women make a lot of money from their on-air fights and funny one-liners. But how much does Pedranti, the new mom, earn? How much does she have in total? Let’s find out.

How Much Is Jennifer Pedranti Worth?

Jennifer Pedranti of RHOC has a $2 million net worth. She is famous on reality TV and owns a yoga school called Devi Rebel Yoga.

The California city of Rancho Santa Margarita is home to her yoga school. On its website, Devi Rebel Yoga says that it is South OC’s newest and largest yoga school and that it is where DR Wellness is located.

On average, studio owners make about $7,000 a month, which is about $86,000 a year. This fortune can be different depending on where it is, how big the business is, and if there are other ways to make money.

Pedranti is a happy mother of five. She recently split up with her husband, Will, who runs the family business. The two still live in the same house.

In Season 17 of RHOC, Pedranti joins her friend Judges to make more trouble and shake things up.

After they broke up, she is also likely to get some property from her ex-partner. In her divorce application from June 2022, she said that it was hard to figure out how much their shared property was worth.

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Reports say that their luxurious 5-bedroom, 4,200-square-foot apartment is worth about $2.4 million.


Aside from their flat, the former couple has a lot of shared assets, such as expensive cars, bank accounts, and other properties.

Their complicated financial portfolio shows how complicated their 18 years together as husband and wife have been and how hard it would be to separate their joint interests.

M&M Word Las Vegas Boulevard shows the reality star having a great time with her loving kids.

Jennifer Pedranti is also a very successful businessman. And in California, people like her make around $80,000 a year.

Considering how well her businesses are doing and how well she lives, it’s possible that she makes a lot more than the average person. Well, her Instagram posts show that to be true.

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Based on these things, we think that Jennifer Pedranti, who is new to RHOC, has a huge net worth of around $2 million.

Jennifer runs a studio for yoga.

Jennifer owns and runs a successful yoga school in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County. It’s called Devi Rebel Yoga. She seems to be interested in things like exercise, yoga, and health.

The small business, which is run by women, is very interested in general health and educating the community. It offers a wide range of services to improve mind, body, and spirit.

It wants to make a platform that embodies nurturing, powerful, dynamic, and gentle qualities that will eventually honour the harmony of nature in one’s yoga practise.

Pedranti working out in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, at her yoga school, Devi Rebel Yoga.

The teachers help their clients stay in shape. They think that being fit all over gives you the physical strength to deal with any problem in life.

Devi Rebel Yoga is home to DR Wellness and has Yoga Therapy, Reiki Healing, and Holistic Health Coaching.

They use a holistic method to help their clients live longer, get fitter, and have better mind-body health.

Pedranti is one of the co-owners of Devi Rebel Yoga, and she uses Instagram to spread the word about her business. Her IG posts also make it look like she teaches yoga.

She said that her business partners are “INCREDIBLE” at what they do in an Instagram post. “If they can help and teach me, they can help anyone,” said another member of the RHOC new group.

“If you’re not working out with us @cutfitoc, my question is WHY NOT?” The exercise fanatic wrote this in an Instagram post (Source: Instagram).
Devi’s teachers and coaches are a dedicated group of fitness and yoga trainers with many skills. The teachers are insured and have a number of Yoga Alliance Certifications. They are also CPR-certified.

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Using a variety of skills, the studio is able to give long classes that range from guided meditation to classes that make you sweat. They also offer yoga and wellness in a quiet setting.


All of their accounts are set to automatically renew, and they can be changed at any time without a contract.

There are different deals for Devi Rebel Yoga. For example, 4 (Yogi) Classes cost $80 per month, while 8 (Devi) Classes cost $120 per month.

How much money does RHOC’s Jennifer Pedranti make?
Jennifer Pedranti is expected to make around $100,000 from RHOC. Even though Season 17 is her first season, it seems like the other group members already know her.

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She got on the Bravo show because she was friends with Tamra. This helped her get famous and rich, and she quickly became a star in her own right.

Her co-stars are just as rich and well-known as she is. Their salaries from RHOC show how much they spend, and you won’t believe who makes the most.


People have been interested in how much the Real Housewives make for more than 15 years. Vicki Gunvalson has been on RHOC since Season 1, and she makes $750,000 per season.

Tamra, who is friends with Pedranti, makes a huge $900,000 per season. Shannon Beador’s first season on the show was S9. She makes $583,338 per season.

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Even though she is new to RHOC, the owner of a yoga school seems to be well-known among the cast.
Even though she is new to RHOC, the owner of a yoga school seems to be well-known among the cast.(Instagram is the source)

Heather Dubrow made $300,000 per season when she was on RHOC from seasons 7 to 11. Plastic expert Terry Dubrow, whom she loves very much, is worth a huge $70 million.

Dubrow is also a mom who is back for Season 17 of RHOC.

The success of the show led to the creation of a brand and spin-off series called The Real Housewives, which are set in different states in the US and in other countries.

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RHOC’s earnings and salaries are similar to those of other series, such as The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ).

The reality star having a wonderful time with her loving kids in M&M Word Las Vegas Boulevard

Danielle Cabral and Rachel Fuda, who are both on RHONJ, make about $750,000 per season.

Even though we don’t know how much they really make, we do know that some people make a lot of money. Teresa Giudice makes about $62,000 per episode, which makes her one of the highest-paid people on the show.

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