Jeremy Renner credits daughter Ava as his sole motivation for recovery

Jeremy Renner, the Marvel actor known for his roles in movies like “Avengers: Endgame,” has credited his 10-year-old daughter Ava as the primary reason for his recovery from a near-fatal snowplow accident that occurred on January 1, 2023

In an Instagram post, Renner described Ava as “reason number one” for his recovery, stating that she was vital in his healing process
Renner broke more than 30 bones and underwent multiple surgeries after the accident
He expressed gratitude to the non-profit hospital where he stayed during his recovery, thanking the community for keeping him alive
Renner’s determination to recover was fueled by the love and support of his family, particularly his daughter Ava, who he said he did not want to disappoint
In an appearance on CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, Renner shared that he never thought about his own physical ailments, pain, or anguish because he had “so many things to fight for”
He described recovery as a one-way road in his mind, with the goal of healing his family and friends
Renner’s resilience and strength in the face of such a significant challenge serve as an inspiration to others facing their own battles.
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