Josh Wolf Comedian Son, Daughter and Wife, Bethany Ashton Wolf

Josh Wolf comedian Jacob, Kaitlynn, and Trevor Wolf. His youngest son Jacob is a famous comedian. Josh Wolf is a famous comedian, actor, writer, and New York Times best-selling author.

He began comedy at 16. He enjoyed comedy and made people laugh onstage.

He appears on Chelsea Lately and writes for Cuts and All Of Us.

The comedian moved to Seattle to develop his profession. After years in comedy, he returned to Los Angeles aged 28. He started his start at HBO Workspace in 1999 and signed a TV series deal with ABC.

Wolf hosted several comedy shows and appeared in My Name is Earl, an American sitcom.

Josh Wolf Comedian Has Three Kids. Jacob, Trevor, and Kaitlyn Wolf are comedians. Trevor is the firstborn. His three children support him at his comic appearances.

The comedian posted a Father’s Day family photo. He said his family was his best thing.

Trevor Wolf

Josh Wolf and his ex-wife’s firstborn is Trevor Wolf. Born August 8, 1995. 2023 makes him 28.

Josh’s oldest son married 26-year-old Jessie. August 5, 2022, was their anniversary.

On June 27, 2022, Trevor performed his debut stand-up comedy in San Antonio with his father and brother.

He worked in the U.S. Army, according to Instagram.

Kaitlyn Wolf

Josh’s only daughter is Kaitlyn. She was born September 24, 1997.

Kaitlyn shuns attention, unlike her relatives. Her mother Beth says she is camera-shy and prefers a quiet existence.

Her stepmother often publishes images of Kaitlyn on social media, showing their strong relationship.

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Bethany sent Kait a kind birthday message on September 24, 2019.

Josh, her father, submitted three new images for her birthday: a little child, a teenager, and an adult.

Jacob Wolf

Jacob is the youngest wolf. He was born March 18, 2000. 23-year-old Jacob Wolf. Fans follow him on Instagram. His girlfriend Iman is his partner. They’ve dated for awhile.

Josh Wolf, a comedian, performs with his father in performances, events, and podcasts.

Hey Maaan is a popular father-son podcast. Their podcasts include comedy, gaming, and talking.

Josh Wolf Wife Beth Directs Movies

Josh Wolf comedian wife American filmmaker Bethany Ashton Wolf writes and directs.

Lake Charles, Louisiana-born Beth graduated from St. Louis Catholic High School.

Her parents are Jane and Denny B. Dennison. Her biological father died young.

Amy Johnson Marshall is Beth’s sister. Her siblings are entertainers.

She became a film director in Los Angeles. When they met, Bethany was a director-aspiring and Josh was a famous comedian and single father of three. After a while, Beth fell in love with him and decided on forever.


In 2004, gorgeous Beth and Josh married. June 22 is their anniversary.

Beth’s stepdad Denny led her down the aisle, and Josh’s daughter carried flowers.

Her 2006 film Little Chenier was her debut. She wrote and produced the picture.

Little Juliet, directed by Josh Wolf’s wife Beth, garnered positive reviews.

Her 2018 film Forever My Girl is popular. The Beautiful Earth is her brainchild.

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Wolf Family

Josh Wolf’s family is five. He is devoted to Bethany and his three children.

His parents raised him in Amherst, Massachusetts, after his birth in Boston on October 19, 1974.

He enjoys posting college photos on Instagram. Josh played college baseball and performed for his students until the end.

Wolf enjoyed improv and performed whenever he could.

The comedian sees his parents often. On October 22, 2019, during his birthday week, the Wolf family gathered.

His wife, three children, and parents were visiting a beautiful resort. They celebrated his 50th birthday with relatives. They enjoy vacationing, visiting friends and family, and going to comedy concerts.

Josh’s offbeat quips and unashamed living won over the audience.

Stand-up comedy thrills the 52-year-old comedian. He often performs with his son Jacob.

The comedian and his kid launched their podcast in September 2021.

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