Big Trouble in Karu community as four manhood disappear mysteriously

The Karu area and its surroundings have been gripped by distressing reports of unexplained disappearances of male genitals.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) disclosed that over the past three weeks, more than ten individuals in the communities reportedly experienced the loss of their reproductive organs, suspected to be the work of yet-unapprehended ritualists.

Some of the victims, namely Habib, Sanyoalu, and Ibrahim, whose last names are withheld, claimed that their genitals shrank suddenly after encountering an unknown man.

According to them, the sensation of their reproductive organs ceased abruptly following the encounter.

A NAN correspondent, visiting the Karu Police station, found similar accounts from victims who alleged that their organs went missing after a handshake with a stranger.

The victims reported that the suspects were assaulted and severely injured before police intervention.

The victims recounted that the suspects approached them separately, seeking directions. However, after the suspects left, the victims realized their organs had shrunk, and they could no longer feel them.

Meanwhile, the DPO Ogungbemi Igbekele escorted the victims, accompanied by other officers, to Nyanya General Hospital to examine their organs and verify the claims.

Igbekele mentioned that the case remained unverified until medically proven, emphasizing a commitment to ensuring justice if the claims were substantiated.

After a thorough examination at the hospital, doctors revealed that the victims’ reproductive organs were indeed intact and in perfect condition, contrary to the victims’ assertions.

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NAN reported that the suspect, whose identity was undisclosed, was in a deteriorated condition after the assault and received medical treatment before returning to the police station.

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