Israel-Gaza war: Khalid Mashal Announces Friday Global Day of Jihad

Khalid Mashal, former Hamas leader and founding member, has ignited a fervor within the Muslim community with his recent call for a global jihad and widespread protests in support of the Palestinians amidst the ongoing conflict with Israel. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this call, its implications, and the global response.

The “Friday of Al-Aqsa Flood”

On October 13, Khalid Mashal labeled the call as the “Friday of Al-Aqsa flood,” urging Muslims worldwide to express their anger and protest, particularly in Muslim-majority countries and among Muslim diaspora. This event holds immense significance, representing a collective outcry against the perceived injustices faced by the Palestinians.

Action Over Rhetoric

Mashal emphasizes the need for practical action over mere rhetoric. The call encourages Muslims not just to speak out but to apply jihad on the ground, underlining the urgency for tangible efforts in supporting the Palestinian cause.

Financial Jihad

In a unique twist, Mashal appeals for ‘Financial Jihad,’ urging Muslims to contribute financially to aid those affected by the conflict in Gaza and compensate for the destruction. This adds a new dimension to the traditional understanding of jihad.

Political Pressure and Diplomacy

Mashal’s plea extends beyond individual actions. He calls for political pressure from Muslim leaders and nations to halt Israel’s military invasion of Gaza. This indicates a strategic and multifaceted approach to address the conflict.

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Global Engagement

The call takes a global perspective, urging Muslims worldwide to fight and be martyrs for Al-Aqsa. The emphasis on action against Israel begins with Muslims residing in surrounding countries, such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt.

Physical Engagement

Unlike previous calls, Mashal urges individuals to physically engage by reaching borders and attempting entry into Palestine. This shift from verbal support to physical involvement marks a significant escalation in the approach.

Impact of the Call to Action

Following this call to action, Hamas militants attacked Israel, resulting in casualties and further escalation in the region. The consequences of Mashal’s call are now unfolding on the ground, with implications for both Israelis and Palestinians.


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