BREAKING: Labour Party Rejects Presidential Election Tribunal’s Judgement

In a recent turn of events, the Labour Party (LP) has taken a stance that has sent shockwaves through the political landscape of Nigeria. The party has vehemently rejected the judgement delivered by the Presidential Election Petition Court, which upheld the victory of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC). This decision has left many pondering the implications and the future course of action for the LP and its supporters.

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

The LP, through its candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, had presented a series of reliefs before the Tribunal, seeking to challenge the outcome of the 2023 presidential election. However, on a fateful Wednesday, the Tribunal handed down its judgement, effectively dismissing all the reliefs sought by the party and its candidate. This outcome was a bitter pill for the LP and its supporters to swallow.

The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Obiora Ifoh, wasted no time in expressing the party’s dissatisfaction with the judgement. In a statement released shortly after the verdict, he conveyed the party’s belief that justice had not been served.

Seeking Legal Counsel

In the wake of the Tribunal’s judgement, the LP finds itself at a crossroads. The party is now in consultation with its legal team to determine the most appropriate course of action to take. The rejection of the judgement has triggered a quest for justice, and the LP is resolute in its pursuit of what it believes to be the rightful outcome.

A Call for Hope

Obiora Ifoh, the LP’s National Publicity Secretary, expressed the party’s stance, saying, “The Labour Party watched with dismay and trepidation the dismissal of petitions by the five-man panel of the Presidential Election Petition Court… and we reject the outcome of the judgment in its entirety because justice was not served and it did not reflect the law and the desire of the people.”

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He went on to commend the LP’s legal team for their unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of democracy. Ifoh stated, “We salute the doggedness of our team of lawyers who fearlessly exposed the wrath in our system. We can only weep for democracy in Nigeria, but we refuse to give up on Nigeria.”

Awaiting the Certified True Copy

The LP has taken a cautious approach, preferring to await the Certified True Copy of the judgement before unveiling the full extent of its position. This decision reflects the party’s commitment to following due process and ensuring that every aspect of the Tribunal’s decision is scrutinized thoroughly.

A Message of Hope

As the LP navigates these turbulent waters, it sends a message of hope to all lovers of democracy. The party encourages everyone to remain focused and optimistic because they firmly believe that a new Nigeria is possible. This message resonates with the idea that democracy is an ongoing journey, filled with challenges, but one that ultimately leads to a brighter future.


In conclusion, the rejection of the Presidential Election Tribunal’s judgement by the Labour Party underscores the significance of justice and fairness in the democratic process. It serves as a reminder that democracy is a collective endeavour that requires the active participation of all citizens. The LP’s decision to seek legal recourse reflects its commitment to upholding the democratic values that underpin Nigeria’s political landscape.


  1. What were the reliefs sought by the Labour Party in the Presidential Election Petition Court?

    The Labour Party, through its candidate Mr. Peter Obi, presented a series of reliefs challenging the outcome of the 2023 presidential election. However, all these reliefs were dismissed by the Tribunal.

  2. What is the LP’s stance following the rejection of the judgement?

    The LP is resolute in its rejection of the judgement and is currently consulting with its legal team to determine the next course of action.

  3. Why is the LP waiting for the Certified True Copy of the judgement?

    The LP is awaiting the Certified True Copy of the judgement to ensure a thorough examination of every aspect of the Tribunal’s decision before revealing its full position.

  4. What message does the LP convey to lovers of democracy in Nigeria?

    The LP encourages all lovers of democracy to remain focused and hopeful, believing that a new Nigeria, characterized by justice and fairness, is possible.

  5. What does the LP’s rejection of the judgement signify in the context of democracy?

    The rejection underscores the importance of justice and fairness in the democratic process and highlights the need for active citizen participation in upholding democratic values.

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