FACT CHECK: Can Men Manhood Truly Disappear or be Snatched?

Claim: Numerous reports across various states in Nigeria, including Abuja, Nasarawa, Bauchi, Kogi, Delta, Calabar, and Akwa Ibom, suggest individuals are experiencing genital disappearance after encounters with alleged perpetrators.

Full Text: Recent incidents of alleged genital disappearance have sparked panic, mob actions, and jungle justice. Cases include the mobbing of two individuals in Abuja’s Lugbe Area accused of genital theft, mysterious male genital disappearance in Karu and Kurudu areas of Abuja, and a naval officer in Calabar claiming his penis was stolen.

Similar incidents occurred in Lokoja, Kogi State, leading to a strike by commercial motorcycle operators, and an unidentified member of Winners Chapel lynched in Nasarawa State over alleged manhood snatching. In Imo, a man was arrested for allegedly snatching another man’s manhood.

Verification: StechiteGist Media Fact Checkers conducted interviews with Public Health Physicians, revealing no evidence of physically missing genitals. Victims claim not to feel their genitals, but medical examinations show the organs are physically present. Most cases appear to be false alarms or fraudulent attempts for extortion.

Metro Police Area Commander ACP Olabisi Davies reported cases of missing vaginas were false, emphasizing the need for medical examination to debunk such claims. In Bauchi, a victim of alleged penis theft claimed recovery after medical treatment, suggesting a psychosomatic nature to the incidents.

Medical experts, including Dr. Nasiru Rahman and Dr. Abdulaziz T. Bako, explained the impossibility of total genital disappearance, attributing reported cases to factors like the cremasteric reflex and retractile penis syndrome. Professor Baba Awoye Issa linked the situation to Koro Syndrome, a culture-bound disorder causing irrational fear of genital retraction.

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Conclusion: Reports of missing genitals are likely rooted in psychological disorders such as Koro Syndrome, with medical examinations consistently revealing the physical presence of the organs. StechiteGist Media concludes that claims of missing or stolen genitals are misleading.

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