Is Legit or Scam? Our Honest Reviews

In the ever-evolving landscape of investment opportunities, has recently emerged as a new platform targeting Nigerians seeking to earn money without the traditional stress associated with investments.

With claims of exceptional returns, this platform has caught the attention of potential investors. In this article, we delve deep into the offerings of, exploring its promises, investment packages, and the crucial question of legitimacy.

Join Our Investment Group: introduces itself as a forex trading platform utilizing advanced forex trading robots to generate profits for its users. By joining its investment group, individuals gain access to a supposedly lucrative avenue to grow their wealth. The promise of substantial returns, coupled with the ease of joining, makes this platform appealing to many.

Make Money From Investment:

To kickstart your journey on, the first step is to create an account through the provided registration link. This paves the way for you to make money through investment or by referring others to the platform, earning referral bonuses in the process. However, a critical point to consider is that operates as a ponzi scheme, raising concerns about its long-term sustainability and legitimacy. Investment Packages:

The platform offers various investment packages, each with its own cycle, total revenue, daily income, and price. Here’s a breakdown of some of these packages:

Investment Packages Cycle Total Revenue Daily Income Price
Binance Bot 120 Hours ₦ 960.00 ₦ 8.00 ₦ 500.00
Coin base Bot 120 Hours ₦ 1,920.00 ₦ 16.00 ₦ 1,000.00
Kraken Bot 120 Hours ₦ 3,840.00 ₦ 32.00 ₦ 2,000.00
Kucoin bot 120 Hours ₦ 7,680.00 ₦ 64.00 ₦ 4,000.00
Uniswap Bot 120 Hours ₦ 13,440.00 ₦ 112.00 ₦ 7,000.00
Bybit 120 Hours ₦ 19,200.00 ₦ 160.00 ₦ 10,000.00
Pancake Swap 120 Hours ₦ 28,800.00 ₦ 240.00 ₦ 15,000.00
Curve bot 120 Hours ₦ 38,400.00 ₦ 320.00 ₦ 20,000.00
Dydx Bot 120 Hours ₦ 57,600.00 ₦ 480.00 ₦ 30,000.00
Dodoswap Bot 120 Hours ₦ 96,000.00 ₦ 800.00 ₦ 50,000.00
ApoloX Bot 120 Hours ₦ 192,000.00 ₦ 1,600.00 ₦ 100,000.00
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It’s important to note that these enticing figures should be approached with caution, given the platform’s association with a ponzi scheme.

Is Legit?

The answer is a resounding no. raises numerous red flags, indicating that it is indeed a complete scam and a ponzi scheme. The platform’s promise of a staggering 1.6% hourly return on investment is highly unrealistic and unsustainable. Moreover, the reliance on new user funds to pay old users is a classic hallmark of a ponzi scheme.

FAQs about

Q: Can I really earn 1.6% hourly returns on A: While the platform claims such returns, it’s important to approach this with skepticism, as it resembles the characteristics of a ponzi scheme.

Q: Is it worth investing in A: Investing in is not recommended. The platform’s promises of high hourly returns and lucrative investment packages are indicative of a ponzi scheme. Such schemes rely on the continuous influx of new investor funds to pay out returns to older investors. As history has shown, ponzi schemes inevitably collapse, leaving most participants with losses.

Q: How can I identify if an investment platform is a ponzi scheme? A: There are several warning signs to watch out for. High and consistent returns, promises of minimal risk, lack of transparency about the investment strategy, and a heavy reliance on recruiting new investors are all common indicators of a ponzi scheme.

Q: Can I withdraw my earnings from A: Some users might initially receive payouts to build credibility and attract more investors. However, these payouts are often funded by new investments. When the scheme collapses, withdrawing earnings becomes nearly impossible, as the funds have usually been misappropriated.

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Q: Are there any legitimate investment platforms in Nigeria? A: Yes, there are legitimate investment opportunities available in Nigeria, but it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence. Look for platforms that are properly registered with regulatory authorities, provide transparent information about their investment strategies, and have a track record of delivering consistent and realistic returns.

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