Why we killed Justice Margaret Igbetar – Suspect makes shocking confessions

In a disturbing revelation that has sent shockwaves through the community, the killers of retired President of the Customary Court of Appeal in Makurdi, Benue State, Justice Margaret Igbetar, have confessed to the gruesome murder. The motive behind this heinous act revolves around an alleged withholding of family land documents.

The Grisly Incident:

On August 24, 2023, armed individuals raided the residence of the retired judge on Wantor Kwange Street, resulting in her brutal killing. The shocking discovery of her decomposed remains added a layer of horror to this tragic incident.

The Accused:

The suspects presented include the deceased’s nephew, Aondohemba Joseph, who is believed to have orchestrated the attack. Other individuals involved in this chilling crime are the late judge’s driver, a security personnel, and another relative.

Joseph’s Confession:

During the recent presentation, Aondohemba Joseph confessed to planning and recruiting others to attack his aunt. His motive? The deceased’s alleged possession of his father’s land documents, which she refused to release.

The Ruthless Act:

Dzungwenen Ukor, implicated by Joseph, admitted to stabbing the deceased as per Joseph’s instructions. The gruesome act was carried out due to the deceased’s purported refusal to hand over the documents.

A Driver’s Complicity:

Akuhwa Barnabas, the deceased’s driver of two months, played a crucial role by facilitating the gang’s access to the house. His involvement was driven by promises of settlement once the property was sold.

Commissioner’s Revelation:

Commissioner Batholomew Onyeka, addressing journalists, disclosed the suspects’ motives. Aondohemba Joseph reported that the deceased withheld his father’s property, leading them to join forces to eliminate her.

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Property Dispute:

The motive behind this shocking crime lies in a family dispute over the deceased’s possession of land documents belonging to Joseph’s father, StechiteGist Media reports.

Escape and Settlement Plans:

The suspects, after the crime, planned to sell the property and settle those involved in the attack, as revealed by Akuhwa Barnabas.

Arrest and Confession:

The suspects were apprehended in Adikpo, Kwande Local Government Area. Their confessions shed light on the chilling details of the murder plot.

Location of Arrest:

The arrest took place in Adikpo, adding a geographical context to the unfolding events.

The Impact on the Community:

The revelation of such a heinous crime has left the local community in shock, emphasizing the need for swift justice.

Legal Proceedings:

Anticipated legal proceedings will determine the charges the suspects will face, marking the beginning of a pursuit of justice.

Community Response:

The community’s reaction to this shocking revelation reflects the collective grief and concern for justice.


As the gravity of this crime sinks in, the community grapples with the aftermath of a shocking confession. The pursuit of justice becomes paramount to bring closure to a crime born out of family disputes and greed.


  1. Q: What was the motive behind the murder of Justice Margaret Igbetar?
    • A: The murder was driven by a family dispute over the deceased’s possession of land documents belonging to her nephew’s father.
  2. Q: Who orchestrated the attack on the retired judge?
    • A: Aondohemba Joseph, the deceased’s nephew, was revealed to have orchestrated the attack.
  3. Q: What role did Dzungwenen Ukor play in the murder?
    • A: Ukor admitted to stabbing the deceased as instructed by Joseph due to a property dispute.
  4. Q: How was the driver, Akuhwa Barnabas, involved in the crime?
    • A: Barnabas facilitated the gang’s access to the house and was promised settlement after selling the property.
  5. Q: What impact has this crime had on the local community?
    • A: The community is in shock, emphasizing the need for swift legal proceedings and justice.

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