Why I slept with a married woman in my office – Michael Emeka Nwangwu

Former Special Adviser on Transport, Michael Emeka Nwangwu, has offered an explanation for his involvement with a married woman within his office, shedding light on the circumstances that led to his suspension by the Chairman of Nsukka Local Government Area, Hon. Walter Ozioko.

In an audio clip circulating on social media, Nwangwu defended his actions, placing responsibility on the woman involved, Philomena Omeje, whom he accused of pressuring him into a compromising situation.

Nwangwu disclosed that he had been misled about Omeje’s marital status and mentioned that the first intimate encounter occurred after Omeje brought soft drinks and biscuits to his office.

He explained, “She told me that she was no longer with her husband; the pressure was too much; she never behaved like a married woman; she mentioned to me all other people who are dating her. I am so sorry that I succumbed to this temptation.”

Nwangwu went on to describe how Omeje frequented his office and behaved in a seductive manner. He recounted an instance when she brought refreshments, and the encounter escalated from there.

He expressed remorse for his actions, admitting that he was unable to resist the temptation. He said, “I am a man, she was rubbing herself all over me, and she was pantless, I could not resist her any longer; she was not putting on any underwear; I feel so sorry right now, everyone should forgive me.”

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Nwangwu claimed that the video, which had gone viral, was not the first time they had been intimate. He stated that he recorded the video on that particular day to have evidence, fearing that he might be set up. According to him, the woman was even holding the phone in one of the videos.

He continued by alleging that the woman had brought men to extort money from him and explained how they coerced him into transferring funds. The situation escalated to the point where Nwangwu was accused of raping Omeje and subsequently detained for two days.

However, during the police interview, Omeje retracted her accusation, stating that she framed Nwangwu because she believed he had money but was unwilling to provide it. Nwangwu expressed deep regret for his actions and implored forgiveness, acknowledging the embarrassment and the lessons learned from the incident.

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