“Mohbad’s wife, friend, others were present when my daughter injected him”– Nurse Fisayo’s mum reveals

Mrs. Ogendegbe, the mother of the renowned nurse, Feyisayo Ogendegbe, who is currently being questioned by police in connection with the Mohbad case, has chosen to come forward and provide insight into the events of that fateful day when her daughter was called upon to provide medical care to the late singer.

Following Mohbad’s tragic death, police have picked up a motley team of suspects, including Nurse Feyisayo, who administered an injection after being brought in to treat the late singer’s wounds.

In viral videos, the nurse’s mother stepped out to speak for her eldest daughter’s innocence and debunk the myth that she was a quack nurse.

She insisted that her daughter is a genuine nurse professional who received her nursing education in a private hospital in Ogun and apprenticed under her employer for a year. She underlined that her daughter had never stepped on a toe or made a life-threatening mistake in her line of work.

Feyisayo’s mother insisted that her daughter had never met or treated the late singer before. She went on to say that it was Mohbad’s buddy, known as “Spending,” who contacted her daughter on that fateful day to attend to Mohbad’s hand injury.

According to her, Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi’s younger brother, personal assistant, and friend “Spending” were all present to supervise the injection she gave to the late musician.

The elderly widow insisted that her daughter’s injection could not have been the cause of Mohbad’s death because she is an expert in her field and has never made a mistake before.

Mrs. Ogendegbe then made an impassioned plea to Nigerians to come to her help, expressing her outrage that her daughter had been named as a main suspect in a murder case in which she is completely innocent.

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She stated that she accompanied her daughter to the police station to participate in the investigation into Mohbad’s death, with the promise that her daughter would be released following an autopsy. She did, however, mention that the autopsy was taking much longer than expected.




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