Watch Morgan Wallen concert brawl video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit

Morgan Wallen’s recent performance at Pittsburg’s PNC Park as part of his One Night at a Time World Tour made headlines, but not for the singer’s musical prowess. Instead, a brawl stole the spotlight, causing quite a commotion.

A fight erupted on the concourse during Wallen’s show, with the incident gaining widespread attention after a video of the brawl went viral on the internet. Curiosity has since peaked as people wonder what triggered the altercation at Wallen’s Pittsburg concert.

The incident occurred outside a row of porta potties, where several women were waiting in line to use the facilities. The viral video depicts a verbal dispute between two girls, escalating into a physical confrontation.
One woman pushed her opponent backward into a porta-potty stall, leading to the involvement of another woman who came to the defense of her friend.

Bystanders attempted to intervene and diffuse the situation, with one onlooker recording the incident and sharing it online. As of now, no arrests have been reported, and it appears that the parties involved dispersed before law enforcement could respond. No police complaints have been filed at this time.



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