Mr Ibu allegedly stopped sleeping with his adopted daughter Jasmine after he caught her with his son (Audio)

Reactions have started trailing a trending leaked audio that captures Mr Ibu allegedly confirming that he once dated and slept with his adopted daughter Jasmine and by extension stop doing so after he caught her sleeping with his son.

A series of controversies have surrounded the complex dynamics within the actor’s family, encompassing matters related to health, property, and interpersonal conflicts. Notably, Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, and his adopted daughter, Jasmine, have found themselves embroiled in a heated dispute.

There were claims suggesting that Mr Ibu’s wife was advocating for a portion of the donations received by Mr Ibu to be allocated to her, purportedly to fund a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure and acquire a new iPhone for her personal use.



The leaked audio features what is purportedly the voices of Mr Ibu and a woman engaged in conversation while driving in a car.

The dialogue, conducted in Igbo, reveals the actor admitting to a past romantic involvement with the woman identified as Jasmine, who subsequently gained online fame by presenting herself as “Mr Ibu’s daughter.”

Mr Ibu further acknowledges that his son also had a romantic encounter with Jasmine. He asserts that, following this revelation, he has no intention of pursuing any further romantic involvement with her.

Listen to the audio below;


See reactions below;

nuel_iyke: Translation;

Woman: So you dated her.

Mr Ibu: Yes.

Woman: Do you know that girl used you to make money and fame? She used you and still went on to sleep with you and your son.

Mr Ibu: I don’t want to touch her anymore.

Woman: Don’t you know that she moved on to your son because she sees that your health is getting worse? She even calls you “daddy” on social media when you have no relation to her. Calling you “daddy” on social media while she sleeps with you off social media.

Mr Ibu: (smiles)

Woman: I don’t blame your wife. What she’s doing is what any woman would do. No woman would tolerate the pain of seeing another woman sleeping with her husband. You know your wife once suspected us of dating as well… but how can I sleep with someone whom I see as a father figure to me… Woman: that girl is Ev!l… Daddy daddy on social media and everyone will think you’re her father…. You know you once told me about her, how you met her in Owerri…. (the chats continues, revolving around the same topic.)

diaryofakitchenlover: That’s this peace of mind a man will enjoy when he puts his entire household in order.

ijeomachinagorom: If not for that girl,forget it Mr Ibu would have been dead by now . I don’t know her oh but leave it she is a good person.I wish they can all put head together and take care of this man.This is a battle against the man oh.Men marry good women una no go gree,see am now😢.

ugochiii_o: I said this same thing Jasmine does not have any right over anything Mr ibu own, she’s trying to nail the wife and push her out, even if mrs Ibu is a bad woman it’s the brothers and sisters of Mr Ibu that is supposed to stand up for their brother who is Jasmine , she has no right whatsoever.



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