Multichoice, owners of DSTV, announce subscription fee increase

Multichoice, the parent company of DSTV in Nigeria, has once again raised subscription fees for its services, resulting in potential financial strain for many Nigerians. The price increment notice was issued by DSTV to subscribers, and the new rates are set to take effect on Monday, November 6, 2023.

The subscription fee increases vary by bouquet, with some seeing an increase of at least 16 percent. Here are some examples of the new rates:

DSTV Compact or GOTV Supa+ subscription fee, previously at 10,500 Naira, has increased to 12,500 Naira.
DSTV Premium, previously at 24,500 Naira, is now priced at 29,500 Naira.
Compact+, previously at 16,600 Naira, has increased to 19,800 Naira.
Confam, previously at 6,200 Naira, now costs 7,400 Naira.
Yanga, previously at 3,500 Naira, has been raised to 4,200 Naira.
For GOTV, Supa bouquet increased from 6,400 Naira to 7,600 Naira.
Max subscription increased from 4,850 Naira to 5,700 Naira.
Jolli package increased from 3,300 Naira to 3,950 Naira.
Jinja was hiked from 2,250 Naira to 2,700 Naira.


This marks the second time in the year that Multichoice has announced a price increase. In March, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) had threatened to take action against such price increments, but no substantial action was taken.

The price hike is likely to generate discussions and concerns among subscribers about the affordability of these services, as they navigate increasing subscription costs in a challenging economic environment.

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