All About My Demon Season 1 Ending Explained

“My Demon” is a popular Korean drama series that aired its final episode on January 20, 2024.

The show follows the story of demon Jung Gu-Won, played by Song Kang, who enters into a contract marriage with chaebol heiress Do Do-Hee, played by Kim Yoo-Jung.


The series received mixed reviews in terms of domestic ratings but became a massive global hit on Netflix. The show’s ending was satisfying for many viewers, with demon Jung Gu-Won returning to Do Do-Hee’s life, and the two becoming each other’s destroyers and saviors.

The show’s other characters also received their closure, be it good or bad. The ending was wholesome, and the show’s supernatural elements blended well with the characters’ journeys.

A heartbreaking scene occurs in My Demon’s Episode 16, as Gu-won gives himself up, leaving Do-hee in tears. But Do-hee’s request to the god and an earlier agreement in which he wagered on surviving a tattoo transference make Gu-won’s return conceivable. Inspired by his offering, the god fulfills Do-hee’s desire.

A four-month gap depicts Do-hee and Gu-won sticking together in the face of hardship and cherishing their special love tale.


Overall, the show’s ending was satisfying, and it received positive feedback from viewers.

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