Get Ready for Love and Intrigue: My Fault Movie 2023 Stars Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara Take Center Stage

“My Fault” is a Spanish romantic movie set in 2023, based on a novel of the same name by Mercedas Ron. It skillfully combines various genres such as action, thriller, and romance.

The story revolves around two young couples, Noah (played by Nicole Wallace) and Nick (played by Gabriel Guevara), who find themselves falling in love despite the complex situation of being step-siblings.

Noah, a 17-year-old girl, moves with her mother, Rafaela, to the William Leister mansion, where she meets her wealthy stepbrother, Nick. Initially, they are at odds due to their different personalities, but over time, they develop a close bond.

They keep their relationship a secret until their parents discover the truth and try to find a way to separate them.

“My Fault” premiered on June 8, 2023, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

The cast of “My Fault” includes Gabriel Guevara, Nicole Wallace, Marta Hazas, Fran Berenguer, and other talented actors.

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Gabriel Guevara portrays the character of Nick, while Nicole Wallace plays Noah. Fran Berenguer, Marta Hazas, Ivan Sanchez, Ivan Massague, Pablo Riguero, Eve Ryan, Anatasia Russo, and Eva Ruiz are also part of the cast.

Nicole Wallace delivers a remarkable performance as Noah, a young girl who moves into a luxurious mansion with her mother after her marriage to stepfather William. Noah is a bright and independent individual haunted by a dark past. In her childhood, the character of Noah is played by the talented young actress Anatasia Russo.

Nicole Wallace, a Spanish actress, gained popularity through her appearances in various films and TV shows, including “Skam Espana,” “Parot,” and “Vera.” She has upcoming projects such as “366. La Promesa” and “Ni Una Mas.”

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Gabriel Guevara, aged 22, brings the character of Nick Leister to life. Nick is the rebellious son of the Leister household, known for his involvement in illegal car races and fights. Gabriel has previously appeared in “Skam Espana” and “Hit,” and he has an upcoming role in the TV series “Red Flags.”

Marta Hazas portrays the character of Rafaella, Noah’s mother, who marries William Leister after separating from her abusive husband, Jonas. Marta has appeared in films and TV shows like “Amigos Hasta La Muerte,” “Bandoleara,” “Velvet Coleccion,” “Las Rubias,” and “Dias Mejores.” She has also starred in “Codigo Natural,” “Cuentame Como Paso,” “Un Paso Adelante,” “Hospital Central,” “El Circulo De Los Famosos,” and “Rutas Bizarras.”

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“My Fault” was filmed in various locations in the southern region of Spain, including Costa del Sol. The story is set in Costa del Sol, and significant scenes were shot in Puerto de La Duquesa, Cabopino, Nueva Andalucia, and Playamar Beach Torremolinos. The picturesque port town of Puerto de La Duquesa plays a vital role in the movie’s climactic scenes, where the police chase Jonas.

My Fault Movie 2023 cast Gabriel, Nicole, Fran, Marta, Pablo, Eva, Victor, and more in the premiere of the Prime video original movie

The ending of “My Fault” reveals that Noah’s mother tries to separate the couple, but they vow to stay together. Noah leaves her past and hometown behind to live in her stepfather’s mansion, but her dark past continues to haunt her. In the final moments, Noah and Nick face a dangerous situation involving her abusive father, Jonas, leading to a thrilling climax. With the help of the police, they manage to overcome the obstacles and express their love for each other, promising to face the future together.

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However, “My Fault” is an engaging Spanish movie that combines romance, action, and thriller elements. It showcases the talents of the cast, including Gabriel Guevara, Nicole Wallace, Fran Berenguer, Marta Hazas, and others. The film takes viewers on an emotional journey through the complex relationships and challenges faced by the characters.

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