Nigeria is rich, govt can pay any amount as minimum wage – Sule Lamido

Former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, asserts that Nigeria possesses abundant resources to afford any sum as a new national minimum wage.

Lamido points out that if the Nigerian Government can allocate approximately N17 trillion for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway without conventional legislative approval, then it is well within its capacity to remunerate workers with any wage.

In response to the rejection of the proposed N62,000 minimum wage by organized labor, which initially demanded N494,000 before settling at N250,000, Lamido emphasizes the country’s wealth and capability to tackle financial obligations.

During an interview on Channels Television, Lamido states, “Nigeria is endowed with vast resources and has the resilience to address any challenge and afford any reasonable wage for its citizens.”

He further questions the government’s allocation of such a colossal sum for a project without the usual budgetary processes, stating, “How can a government execute a budget of N17 trillion without proper authorization or oversight? It suggests that ample funds exist within the country.”

In light of this, Lamido concludes that if the government can undertake such ambitious projects, it unquestionably possesses the means to meet any minimum wage requirement.

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