Reactions as Nigerian club sign player for ‘urgent 2k’

In a surprising turn of events, Hottenham Football Club, a prominent football club located in the northern region of Nigeria, has recently completed the signing of Abdulhamid Sabo for a meager sum of two thousand Naira.

This unexpected transfer has sent ripples through the Nigerian football community, sparking both excitement and skepticism. In this article, we will delve into the details of this remarkable transfer and its implications for grassroots football in Nigeria.

A Diamond in the Rough

Abdulhamid Sabo, affectionately known as “ABUT” among his peers, has long been a standout talent in the Babura Local Government Football Association League, which is based in Jigawa State. His remarkable skills on the pitch caught the attention of Hottenham Football Club, a team that actively participates in this local league.

The Official Confirmation

The official confirmation of this transfer came via social media, as Aliyu Eloquent, a prominent figure in the local football scene, announced the news on his Facebook page. He stated, “ABDULHAMID SABO (ABUT) has officially joined AREWA UNITED from HOTTENHAM for a fee of (N2000). The deal is complete.” This announcement set off a wave of reactions and discussions among football enthusiasts.

A Bargain or an Oversight?

The news of Abdulhamid Sabo’s transfer for a mere two thousand Naira has ignited a debate within the football community. Some see it as a remarkable bargain for Arewa United, the club that acquired him, while others question the seemingly low valuation of his talent.

One Facebook user, Adejoh Ernest, expressed his joy at the transfer, commenting, “What a great deal. Congratulations.” Ernest’s sentiment reflects the belief that Sabo’s talent is worth far more than the modest transfer fee.

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On the other hand, Jafar Zumar, another Facebook user, voiced his dissatisfaction, stating, “What kind of useless deal is this?” Zumar’s comment highlights the skepticism surrounding the valuation of young talents in Nigerian grassroots football.

The Broader Picture

A closer look at Aliyu Eloquent’s Facebook posts reveals that several other player transfers have taken place, with transfer fees ranging from as low as N2,000 to a maximum of N5,000. This situation sheds light on the challenging state of grassroots football in Nigeria.

The low transfer fees underscore the financial limitations faced by local clubs and the players themselves. It raises important questions about the sustainability of grassroots football and the need for increased investment and support from football administrators and sponsors.


The signing of Abdulhamid Sabo by Arewa United for a nominal fee has brought both excitement and concern to the forefront of Nigerian grassroots football. While some celebrate the opportunity for young talents to shine, others question the valuation of these players and the financial struggles faced by local clubs.

This transfer serves as a wake-up call for stakeholders in Nigerian football to address the challenges faced by grassroots football and to work towards creating a more sustainable and supportive environment for young talents to thrive.


  1. Who is Abdulhamid Sabo, and why is his transfer significant?

    Abdulhamid Sabo is a talented football player who was signed by Arewa United for an unusually low fee of two thousand Naira. His transfer has sparked discussions about the valuation of grassroots football talents in Nigeria.

  2. What is the Babura Local Government Football Association League?

    The Babura Local Government Football Association League is a local football league based in Jigawa State, Nigeria, where young talents like Abdulhamid Sabo showcase their skills.

  3. Why are some people excited about Sabo’s transfer, while others are skeptical?

    Some see Sabo’s transfer as an excellent opportunity for young talents, while others question the low transfer fee, believing his talent is undervalued.

  4. What does the situation of low transfer fees in grassroots football reveal?

    The low transfer fees highlight the financial challenges faced by local clubs and the need for greater support and investment in grassroots football.

  5. What can be done to improve grassroots football in Nigeria?

    Stakeholders in Nigerian football need to address the financial struggles faced by local clubs and work towards creating a more sustainable and supportive environment for young talents to develop and thrive.

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